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  1. Just use the @DawnMichele tag rather than quote. She will still see it and you won't have that quote box glitch issue. This will cut down on confusion.
  2. I never win and don't have anything decent to enter anyway so I shall just spectate and wish everyone who enters good luck.
  3. Asteroid is actually immensely annoying. She's getting bigger by the day and likes to eat everything she sees. She's been eating off of the lily in there too. It's doing well and I don't want it destroyed.
  4. Thanks. There's a horrible REGULAR GOLDFISH in there that steals massive treats so I always drop a bit when I first get to the pool for her and then lead the others away while she greedily tries to snatch all of that. The googlies are always late to the treats and often don't get any since I don't put many. Neither of them are to he found here. Obsidian is almost blind but does much better than the googlies as far as food goes.
  5. Tarako is not a Chu, he's an Oranda!
  6. There's a video here somewhere about how it's done... But honestly it's pretty easy. Mix about 10-15 drops of clove oil in a small amount of warm water and slowly add that mixture to about a gallon or two of water that the fish is sitting in. The fish will slowly fall asleep and not wake back up. It's very peaceful. After the gills stop moving, give it 5-10 more minutes and then it's advised you bury the fish or bag it up multiple times and place in the bin. Please do not flush it. Very sorry about this poor fish. 7 years is a pretty long lifespan and she is clearly loved and we'll cared for.
  7. Very sorry. I think it's over. She's pretty old and her symptoms have not improved. If she's suffering, it may be kinder to euthanize her at this point.
  8. I got these fish from a mass merchandiser known for being crappy to their fish. With that being said, there's a high chance that the fish came from the same supplier which would explain why they look so much alike.
  9. A grill scrubber will damage the glass...
  10. Robin is of course the bigger one. Tangelo isn't actually his offspring but these two Ryukins were gotten from the same exact place about a year apart. Tangelo has something to aspire to be lol.
  11. So glad you found what you wanted. Pretty calico.
  12. Thanks. I think it looks cool but he just can't decide what color he wants to be. It would be awesome if he stayed this color but I know he won't. But his hump and stuff is pretty good with things considered and he's a tough little boy.
  13. Her eyes look like telescope eyes now and she's lost all her color and appetite. There's nothing more I can recommend. She's pretty old and it may just be her time. It looks like it's over. She's still being brave and holding her dorsal up so don't euthanize yet. Double the Metro dose STAT.