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  1. Bumping an old thread to re-ask this question....Last week we had a rather large storm on the Northeast...Hurricane Sandy knocked out my power and it doesn't look like it's coming back anytime soon...I'm work on a generator, but the generators not strong enough to cover the household heat.... The Goldfish tank has been between 60-65 over the last week...It's currently at 63.7...My fish have been kinda, hanging out in the corner....is this too cold? I'm a bit worried about plugging a tank heater into the generator...
  2. I didn't see the '8 available' part...I've emailed him asking if i can pickup from his location...and if i can pick out my fish from the '8 available' Now to study Lionhead standards...Are these the standards i should go with? http://www.exoticgoldfish.net/breeds-lionhead.html I once read specifics about the 'angle' of the tail, size of wen and straight back but can't find that info now
  3. This guy is very local to me so i can almost walk to his place and pickup the fish....AND my Butterfly moor just passed, so i'm missing a striking black fish in my tank to offset my two Tancho Goldfish(ok, so one is a Redtop Oranda and the other a Common, but they are Tancho colored!) Soo, is this a Lionhead or a Ranchu? http://www.ebay.com/...=item2576754d1f
  4. massive fancy goldfish, a common pleco, 2 bristlenose plecos and a bunch of white cloud mountain minnows.
  5. What do you mean??? Theres no Santa??
  6. This is what I'm doing. Except I tend to over clean sent from the bathroom using Tapatalk 2
  7. I use two sponges sent from the bathroom using Tapatalk 2
  8. I have an aquaclear 110, emperor 280, 4" sponge filter & 3" sponge filter on my 40 breeder. I estimate its about 900gph sent from the bathroom using Tapatalk 2
  9. My personal problem is 3 goldfish in a 40 breeder(about 45 gallons) that seem to create enough waste in 24hrs to have my nitrates through the roof sent from the bathroom using Tapatalk 2
  10. It may seem like a dumb question...BUT, i think its valid... A properly cycled tank has bacteria that depend on the fishes waste to survive, if we are doing 75-80% water changes every day or every other day, it seems likely that we are cleaning up that ammonia before the bacteria can turn it into nitrites and then nitrates and... Basically, uncycling the tank... So do you think this is true? How long does the ammonia>Nitrite>Nitrate process take?
  11. I had the same problem with fitting a larger tank...I had a dresser that fit a 29 gallon PERFECTLY....But had three goldfish....So i was searching EVERYWHERE for the 37 gallon tank (Same footprint as a 29 gallon) i even priced out building a custom tank.... What i found worked out best? ....Rearranging my furniture! I didn't need two dressers an end of bed trunk two bedside tables, Now i have an Amazing 40 gallon breeder and my fish are happy as hell, not too mention i got rid of a BUNCH of clutter from my life!
  12. Is there a point where the current is just too much for a Goldfish? Because with the extra filter my black moor is actually moving again
  13. I have a 40 breeder with: a 20/30PPI 4" SpongeFilter a 50PPI 3" SpongeFilter a Aquaclear 110 with only 2 Aquaclear sponges in it a Emperor 280 with the Stock insert... MY GUESS IS this is about 900gph or 15gpm or 22.5x my tank gets filtered per hour... Soo, do i have too much filtration? (Darn! I don't know how to make a poll!)
  14. Most of the day I'm in front of a computer for work. But its seems I POST more from my phone when I'm.....away from my desk sent from the bathroom using Tapatalk 2
  15. What if i run to PetCo before the $1 a gallon sale ends and buy a 20 Long? Its the same dimensions as the 29 Gallon, but 6 inches shorter and around 100lbs lighter(it's just a shame, since i already have the 29 gallon) I'm kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place right now...My daughters birthday is November 3rd and i sorta told her i'd get her an Axolotl....I know i can't put an Axoy in with my Goldfish, but i really have no place for a second tank unless its below the first one