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  1. Thank you all again! This is my favorite fish. I got it about an year ago to replace my black butterfly tail which died. I wanted to have a black or calico with dominant black colors that's why I chose this one. For an year it developed very well, although the limiting factor is the size of the tank, still she turned to be a pretty one with nice flowing fins. Still keeps the blacks and I hope it will not change color. To me most interesting part in the photo are the bubbles of air which seem to be flowing down, instead up. I achieved this with slow flash which allowed to "change" the direction of bubbles. The fish looking up added to the story. Well...there's much more to achieve there, but still it is a photo I really love. Thank you again for voting.
  2. Thank you, guys. I do not have much to say about these ones - you've seen them a thousand times already - My biggest, my most beautiful and my hungriest fish all together... So my biggest (largest) fish is the one on the left. I bought her in february 2011, a day before the one at the right in orange and white. The latter one is how to say ' the lucky charm' of the aqua. This fish has some bladder problems since young and every time it eats, it floats and has hard times to go deeper in the aqua. In addition her twin tail is not well split by birth, so it looks like it has 3 instead of 4 fins. It was a calico, but lost all her black, so she's now more like white and orange. The one in the centre is my favourite one. I have her for less than an year maybe, and she's turning to be most properly shaped, and well-colored. I hope her black spots will keep, as they make her so really special. All her fins are becoming really long and winding and I adore watching her swim.... So, that's all from me.
  3. OMG, the sky is falling! Falling skies by Rhy@n, on Flickr
  4. Congrats on the win!
  5. Oh, I got a favorite! Still, for the sports...here's my proposal... Princess and the Royal Guard by Rhy@n, on Flickr
  6. Congrats! Great fish you've got. Tell us his story, how old is he.
  7. thank you Hashi is about 2 yrs old, he was sold to me as a tricolor and was black yellow and white when I bought him, but as you can see has lost all his black over the last year The yellow is really just diet Color enhancing foods will often turn otherwise white fins/wens yellow. I feed a mixture of repashy super green (this will cause yellowing because of the algae in it), new life spectrum (also color enhancing) and progold. If I were to stop feeding the repashy and nls, the yellow coloring would become much less intense. I secretly envy you for the choice of food you have around. Here we can't even find pro-gold, unless ordered online from somewhere around the other side of the world Awesome fish! Congrats again.
  8. Congrats! Great fish, very beautiful. Please share some info about it. This kind of yellow is so unusual, or at least for me. We do not have such colors around, most goldies are orange-red or gold, but not yellow.
  9. @tankxie - thank you! To be honest, I still feel the same about my fish and I think I never get the shots I seem to always want Keep trying just as I do, lol! Cheers!
  10. #4 - My favorite fish, which is starting to lose her blackness, and I guess will become an orange and white pretty much soon. Goldies - October 2013 by Rhy@n, on Flickr
  11. Congratulations Cute fish you've got out there!
  12. It is some chinese stone about 15cm/6inch long. Looks more or less like this Most of the time it is covered by the gravel and produces a bit larger air bubbles. When it is bare without any gravel on it produces really small and a lot of bubbles like an air wall.
  13. I don't doubt you, but the fact remains that flash can and does work, IF you have the right flash. I don't use flash, and I have not found the need to. You can argue the point that Nikon puts the article to promote DSLR camera sale, but that doesn't diminish the point in this case. As for your point earlier, point and shoots can be quite fine for fish pictures. Of course they aren't going to be as crisp, but you will find quite a few amazing point and shoot pics on this forum. Hi Alex, I agree with what you say, it is just that people have really different scale of what they accept as good quality. Point and shoot are technically limited to be weak performers in low light conditions. They do pretty well when the light is strong, so bringing light into the tank is the key to excellent photos, no matter the camera. DSRL / Mirrorless have more options to work in low light or to bring light inside - either using flash or constant light. What I am saying is that first people have to bring light inside the tank. Second - they have to stay away from the light in order to avoid reflections. Bringing light inside and keeping it there, not spilling outside will make wanders for any camera. Still point & shoot will fall behind, and to me the result will be more or less a compromise. At last - easiest way to do good photos is to invest in some high-power bulbs and use them only when you shoot fish. Bring the light in, and your camera will do wonders, no matter what is it. After all this is what photography means - drawing with light.
  14. To me these are guided sales ways Nikon have exellent example of fish flash photography as part of SB700 flash product example guide. Check it out here - http://www.nikonusa.com/pdf/manuals/Speedlights/SB-700samples.pdf Still - it is always valid for any other camera. You have to be explorer - explore around you and you'll find your way.
  15. BronwynH's fish looks very much like one of my fishies, which changed its color and lost all black spots. Love it.