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  1. Thanks, everyone. I'm ordering the spray and the CET stuff, then next time I go to the LPS I'll check the ingredients on their Dis-taste-type pills. I will be calling around for vets who do teeth cleaning. I am unable to get either dog to eat pineapples (because that's gross, but poop isn't?). (Over years of my family dropping stuff in the floor, we've determined that Keith won't eat Pop-Tarts, Velveeta, or pepperoni, either, so those foods are obviously totally unfit for human consumption, fyi.) And weirdly enough, Keith has never gotten into the litterboxes.
  2. Does anyone else see mild buoyancy issues with the solid orange oranda (or am I imagining things)? When it stops, it seems to float down, head first.
  3. Yawning in fish is a sign of severe discomfort, often parasites. If you don't want to follow the advice of the very experienced and knowledgeable members of the board, then you should buy some good books that have been written by real experts. These two are excellent: "Yawning" (and gasping near the surface) can also indicate low oxygen levels, which is very likely to be the case in your current 4.7 gallon set-up. Goldfish have higher oxygen needs than many other fish. Most members here use airstones to add surface movement, which oxygenates the water. As an immediate measure, you should get 2 Sterilite (or other food-safe tubs) that are at least 76 litres each. They're cheap and would go a long way towards helping your fish, while you save up for a tank big enough for both of them. You will also need one air pump, two airstones, airline tubing, two valves that prevent backflow, and a T-valve (if the pump has only one outlet). It sounds like a lot but it will cost you the equivalent of about $60 in US money total, and it's certainly worth it for the sake of your goldfish. You'll need another filter, too, and you should add some media from the old one when you set it up. Please listen to what the other members here have said, and don't be afraid to ask if you need more help. Your goldfish are helpless and totally dependent on you for proper care; they can't just sneak out of the house and find someone else to live with (like cats can). Good luck.
  4. I wish Koko's or some other fish authority could deputize us so we could do that!
  5. I think it may have started out like that, but now it's a compulsive thing; none of our other dogs (no matter how initially nutrient-deprived) have ever done this. ): I have also read that it's often an instinct-gone-wrong, since carnivore mothers normally eat their infants' feces. Thanks! Sounds like a good idea. Thanks, I'd like to know what it is. If she has any info on what it did to the other dog(s), that would be helpful, too. The schnauzer has a much more sensitive stomach than Keith, but I think it would be worth the schnauzer's temporary discomfort if the supplement stops Keith's problem in the long run.
  6. I've never known a dog that would bother to look at a TV for any reason; I think some dogs require more smells. I do like DogTV's idea of noise desensitization, maybe that would be helpful to dogs terrified of vacuums or storms. Cats I've known, on the other hand, generally like to watch things on TV (DVDs for cats are already a thing). But amusingly (or pathetically?), we discovered my sister's cat's arachnophobia when she (the cat) hissed and zoomed across the house to hide at the appearance of a 36" closeup of a tropical spider on Animal Planet.
  7. Keith (in my profile picture) is a happy, weird dog: ~35 pounds, neutered, corgi-sized, roughly corgi-shaped, and 9 years old. (If it weren't for the white fur slowly taking over the pale yellow on his face [which I think only I notice], you would probably assume that he's about 4 or 5 years old, not 9.) We've fed him several different higher-quality dog foods over the years, but he always has had the disgusting habit of eating other dogs' feces. Rarely do we get an opportunity to clean up after the other dog before Keith has done it for us. D: My mother and I found Keith in September 2003, on a rural highway. Since he was running DIRECTLY DOWN THE CENTER OF THE HIGHWAY, we decided that he'd die soon if we didn't take him home. He was about 7 months old and so thin that he looked like a dachshund rather than a corgi-type thing. Maybe as a result of his former food deprivation, he'll eat pretty much anything, even very spicy things (which is why I doubt that the traditional pills for coprophagia would work on him). Keith's revolting habit was my continual reason excuse for not brushing his teeth. I can't see the point in brushing his teeth if he's just going to get poop all over them the following day. I've tried to make up for this by feeding him all sorts of dental treats, and his teeth are okay now. I currently feed him Authority Senior dog food, supplemented by Bil Jac dental treats. I feel guilty for not brushing Keith's teeth all these years. I love him and I want him to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. My questions: How can I get Keith to stop eating our other dog's (a miniature schnauzer) feces? I've heard of spicy pills to feed to the "victim;" are these safe? Would it be worth it to brush his teeth even if I can't make him stop eating poop? What are good dog toothpastes? Or, if that would be a waste, what are good dental treats?
  8. A trickle filter system doesn't require any electricity, unless I gravely misunderstand it. It's a big container of water that drips into the pond, and then in the pond is a fixture that makes the pond leak at the same rate. Here's a link explaining it: I don't know what other stuff you need to do, hopefully someone more experienced can help you.
  9. Aw, I adore your crown pearlscale, and his/her little goofy baby wen. (I'm getting pearlscales when my tank cycles.)
  10. I'm so sorry. I think it was just her time to go. You were great to get her to 16, especially since the vast majority of her life was so happy.
  11. Those give me the willies. I hope you're able to kill them fast.
  12. I LOVE this! I need one! I love it because it implies that goldfish are floating around willy-nilly, in danger of being trampled on or hit by cars and bicycles! (This concept really appeals to my finals-related sleepy-sillies right now.)
  13. I'm so glad your water-change/vacation thing worked out! Can't wait to see the new fish!
  14. Yes, I think you're right. From what I've read, ich can't go dormant for very long at all; it has to live on the fish and continue its life cycle at a pretty much constant rate. Whereas flukes can remain alive and present in a fish without really hurting it, and without multiplying, because individual flukes live a lot longer than ich, I think. I wish I could give you the specific articles. How long should Thea keep dosing Prazi and salt in a case like this? And is there any proven way, in a relatively closed system (not a pond), to treat enough to completely obliterate flukes (in a way safe to the fish, of course)?
  15. Ugh! What do they have to gain from spreading misinformation that will harm fish?? I don't get it. I am complaining. The only brand whose tank advertizing is responsible, that I have noticed, is Aqueon. All their small tanks (and most of their large tanks) picture reasonable communities of small tropical species.