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  1. Sooooooooo it has been a few months and surprise, now I have another question. Male or female? I am reading that head size, color, fins, and dorsal mark define the sex. So here is my problem. The color and fins tell me male, but the dorsal mark tells me female. I cant tell about head size due to the fact that I'm biased since I want my FH to have a large kok. What does anyone else think?
  2. Well I keep mine in a ten gallon and he is doing just fine. JKJKJK I just have to sarcastically poke fun at the people who get fish they dont study up on them and then cram them in a small tank. Actually he is in a fifty five which I know he will outgrow in time. Luckily I have a 90 gallon too if push comes to shove. They are a lot of fun. Very interactive fish. I can not walk across the room without him tracking me in his tank begging for food. Quite puppy dog-like until you put your hand in the tank lol.
  3. Thank you very much! Ill let you know what he looks like when he matures. I'm off to check out the variety. Thanx again Helen!!!
  4. So since it has been a couple days is there a way I can tag helen to see if she knows?
  5. Thank you. Its so hard to distinguish the types. Practically impossible while they are young.
  6. Just wondering which type of flowerhorn I may have? Any Ideas from any of you enthusiasts out there?
  7. is the video working now? I guess im having technical difficulties. I can take another tomorrow when I get back home if this one didn't work
  8. Does this fix it?
  9. Yes she (I think) came in last week. Due to shipping she was extremely stressed and bottom sat for about four days. I was waiting for her to be more active before I took a video of her. I do have a question though. The fish was listed as a veil tail tele, but doesn't have a fork in the caudal tail fins. wouldn't that make it a butterfly as well? Im not sure. is their a term for un forked tails? either way I will be purchasing more dandies because I am completely addicted to them now. Saving my pennies for the next one lol. Making plans to upgrade my tank too. If they spawn Im selling the babies to get back some of the money this is costing lol.
  10. I've had a very stressful year so I decided to treat myself for my birthday (which I never do.) Happy Birthday to me Happy birthday to me :nana
  11. I got him from Fishy Business in Longwood. The guy was actually really nice and let me in before they opened because I was in a rush to get back home. Ill will for sure go back there anytime I am in the area.
  12. Thanks guys! I have been trying to win this contest for over a year now and was beginning to think it was rigged via people having multiple accounts or through coalitions lol. This is Blossom (even though it is a boy.) I named my goldfish after the power puff girls so he has two brothers named bubbles(lionhead) and buttercup(black moor) Their 55 gallon tank is known as the city of townsville. I went on a vacation to Orlando and planned on bringing a nice quality fish back with me since the fish stores in my area are mediocre at best. This is the lucky boy I chose and I drove him back seven hours to his new home. He cost be about thirty dollars when I bought him and now the only way he is leaving me is when he goes to the great goldfish pond in the sky. I have grown quite fond of him. When I submitted his picture to the "what breed am I" section of the forum the other members and I figured our best guess was that he is a pearlscale oranda cross. Which I thought would be a crowned pearlscale but he obviously isn't one of those. Thanks again for choosing my fishy It will make my whole week every time I go on koko's and see my baby
  13. Please refer to this tank as the ranchu ranch. Really cute babies
  14. They are blue christmas lights from wal mart. The ice strand ones. They cost about seven bucks and are safe for outdoor use so I figured they could go behind the tank.
  15. Lol I know what you mean. Its in my bedroom and kinda bright, so what I do is put the babies to bed a little early by turning off the big light. then when I'm ready for bed I unplug the back lights after calming down and watching them for a little bit of course lol.