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  1. Nope... I will be pairing my H. incei soon, and then the P. metallica when this guy matures
  2. Thanks guys! He's one of my favourites, though it's a shame this species is so sensitive to light - I don't see him as often as I'd like. Sad he turned out male, but the guy I got it from decided he wants his female to come stay with me. So as soon as this guy hooks out, he'll be ready to help make lots of beautiful blue spiders.
  3. Someone gave me one of those awful battery operated gravel vacs. They are completely useless...
  4. My P. metallica was being patient about me sticking a lens in his face while he was eating.
  5. He sounds very sweet And no problem, I just wanted to make sure - I found over the years many people have the misconception that snakes need live food, and that's what puts them off.
  6. I forgot to mention this, but you know you can buy pre-killed, frozen, mice that have been humanely euthanized? Probably raised in better conditions than the meat most people choose to eat. So what this means is - no mouse is being killed in an inhumane way, there is no danger to the snake, and you never have to worry about having live feeders on hand. Snakes can actually make fabulous, low maintenance pets (if you get the right species). I just wanted to make sure you were aware of that, especially if your son would prefer a more hands on pet.
  7. Well the thing is, normal crickets don't have the stigma attached to them but...they stink, die easily, and can be loud. Years of keeping reptiles and I just can't stand them. The roaches are born very small, so tiny spiderlings can eat them. They grow large, so make a good meal for even my biggest spiders. And like I said, no smell, no noise, no mess....they're just so much nicer. BUT--- if you are considering just having one spider, I mean...they eat like 1-2 crickets once every week to two. So no big deal
  8. Bugs! Lots of people use crickets. They are the easiest to find at pet stores or from suppliers. I personally can't stand them and have a colony of tropical roaches called 'dubia' roaches. Clean, no smell, no noise, long life and they reproduce well enough that I rarely have to go buy feeders. Just hearing the word roach grosses some people out, but if you google them you will see they are kinda neat in their own right.
  9. I thought the same thing. With two jobs and school, the poster may feel like they are doing a disservice to an old friend who needs more. On the other hand, this dog at this age may have serious veterinary needs. Lots of people give away dogs on CL in this way because they can't pay the bills...but they don't disclose it, so the person takes the animal. So...his reasons could be good, or quite underhanded. Either way the dog needs help. Jenny, I have to say you have a big heart. I could never take in an elderly dog, too much heartbreak.
  10. My biggest ones will be my L. klugi and L. parahybana. They can have a diagonal leg span of up to 10" (sometimes a bit bigger) though 8-9" is more common. They are also just super bulky all around. These guys are known as 'bird eating spiders' though no tarantula eats birds with frequency at all...
  11. A panda telescope butterfly. In a world where they STAY black and white.
  12. I don't talk to mine. Or my tarantulas, or my reptiles when I had them. Probably because I'm too busy talking to my bird and dogs. At least they respond
  13. Sure! Tarantula tanks can range from super simple to planted biotopes. For slings (babies) smaller enclosures are better to make sure they are eating and can't be hurt. As they grow up and molt, they are upgraded (rehoused) into larger enclosures. For me it goes something like vial, deli cup, various kritter keepers, and finally a nice exo-terra tank. My apologies if these aren't of the best quality, I took them fast and lighting is poor right now! G. pulchra sling in a vial: So cute... A bit of growth and they get a deli cup (my P. irminia lives here): Any containers of the right size can work. These house my H. incei - a dwarf species that CAN live communally, though I just have two raised separately. They make some fun webs. A bit bigger, some critter keepers The biggest enclosures I use are exo-terra minis. This one is 12" x 12" I believe. I will eventually need a larger one for my L. parahybana and L. klugi just because of the size they can reach. This one belongs to my P. metallica. I bought it used - the thermometer is useless v Basically, if it's a secure container that can be ventilated without escapees, it can likely be used. Tarantula keepers get pretty creative and tend to love dollar stores and wal-mart. And as you can see, it can be a hobby that takes up very little room.
  14. As requested, many photos! My GBB (a bit less washed out than the other photos I think): My H. maculata out and about...a rare event! I only like this one out when I'm NOT trying to do any maintenance in her enclosure. My A. versicolor was not cooperating (we just want to see your face...) My P. irminia isn't much better, the photos mostly look like this: But I finally got this one
  15. I do not, but there are several well known Australian tarantulas that can be quite loud.