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  1. I just bought one about 3 weeks ago. So I can't speak to long-term, but so far I really love it. It's MUCH quieter than my HOBs and has tons of room for media. Took them a week or so to get used to the extra current. I don't even have to reprime it when I do water changes.
  2. I like "Elli's." I'll be waiting by my mailbox.
  3. I love sucky fishy too! I can't believe you handle him though. Barbs!
  4. Holy breeding stars lol. Looks great!
  5. Oh lol I like this. My tank is full of variety.
  6. Rare full smile pic. I used to have horrible teeth and didn't want to smile. Now they're all fixed and
  7. I love Hugo and Finny!!!
  8. There is so much room in there for STUFF! Bioballs and ceramic rings and bags of AC ceramic stuff, OH MY!
  9. If I run the still working Aquatech, the emperor (I love these Alex. You crazy lol) and the AC70 I have to hang the AC70 on the side thanks to the weird piece of glass in the middle of the tank. SOOOOO I think I'm going to shove the media from the Aquatechs in the canister and just run the Emperor and AC 70 with it.
  10. If they'll fit, okay. If not, which of the 2 HOBs would you pick?
  11. I think $90 was the most expensive. .13 cents was the cheapest. Quite a range.
  12. For some reason, some of my filters did not survive my move!! On the 100-gallon, I did have two Aqua-Tech 30/60s and two AquaClear 50s. The ACs have been giving me problems forever now, and now one of the ATs stopped working. I ordered a Marineland PC-ML360 canister filter. I also have an Emperor 400 and an AC 70 not currently in use. My question is, will the canister plus the one AT 30/60 be enough or should I add the Emperor and/or the AC70 too? Thanks. First time using a canister, so I'm not sure what I need.
  13. Cute.
  14. Wow, Flower is so cool!! I have never seen one with a white tail like that.