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  1. wow lisa 6 more
  2. WOOT Congrats goes to "Chris1251" Great shot 2.Chris1251“Chris here... My Amoonklein baby is growing up.... Nautilus showing of his curves... July, 2017 ”
  3. 1.mjfromga “ Follow the leader” 2.DawnMichele “Bubblehead” 3.FishyMandy “Neptune”
  4. One pic per personPlease include a description or a caption of the photo.This contest is limited to goldfish and Koi that you now or have owned only please.First 10 pics go into the poll.Good luck
  5. She may need to live like that if the Swim bladder has be damaged
  6. There is so many I just smile at them. Look at all of them
  7. I think the OP said this is what the container says. "The container says 1/4 tsp per 40 gallons everyday for 10 days with 25% wc before each treatment." Site "Dose at 1 tsp per 10-50 gallons depending on severity of infection. Re-treat every 24 hours for 10 days. Do a minimum 25% water change before each retreatment. Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride is a bacteriostatic that works on a few gram negative and many gram positive bacteria. Especially good for aerobic gram positive bacteria like streptococcus and staphylococcus. Best in pH below 7.6 unless mixed in food. It is not skin absorbed. High calcium neutralizes it. It will harm nitrifying bacteria. It combines well with Kanamycin Sulfate and Metronidazole for an ultra broad spectrum treatment." Can we get a photo of what the container says
  8. 8 more spots guys
  9. WOW your doing great with them. I can't wait to get a pond going soon