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  2. Thanks for checking in, it's coming along! Day 14 of the cycle today. I've done a couple water changes since Wednesday to keep the nitrites in check. The ammonia I add is being fully consumed within a day so I think I'm on track? But the nitrite level is still elevated. Once I *think* it's fully cycled, I'm planning on adding 4.0 ammonia to ensure the ammonia/nitrite levels will be 0 after 24 hours. Then...it's fish time! I've been looking for a couple slim-bodied fantails, but haven't had too much luck sourcing them. It seems to be hit or miss, so I'm open to suggestions.
  3. I have 2 Pearlscale goldfishes and I noticed today that one of them (age 4) has a big round red translucent bubble around its tail. I'm really worried that she's sick. Can anyone tell me what this might be and how we can treat her? Do we need to keep her separate with our other Pearscale Goldfish that's in the same tank? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. You could certainly try posting this on your local Craigslist too, though obviously that’s much more of a grab bag. I’m sorry she wasn’t able to help but I’m glad you touched bases and tried, nonetheless!
  5. I did she said she can't take him because her system is outdoors and the change might be too much for him. I guess I can ship I've done the research it's just a last resort. @Arctic Mama
  6. That just so great to see. They are looking good.
  7. Last week
  8. Did you message Myra like I mentioned above? She is the only one I know close to you. Otherwise if you’re willing to ship there are other members here who could help you
  9. Do you know of anywhere else I can go to find someone? Or should I post again here? @Arctic Mama
  10. Just feed it to them a few flakes at a time. Little tiny mouthfuls, so none gets wasted. A couples times in a row should get decent quantities in them as they learn.
  11. 2 day shipping my a**... anyways it's finally here! Gave them their first feeding. The 10 second thing is going to be tricky. I've never fed them flakes before so they're not used to feeding at the surface, they only go after them when they float down. I hope if I just keep it up for a few days they'll get the idea and then I can properly start dosing. They're both still somewhat lethargic and Bold's tail definitely has even longer red veins. (Tank is still crashed but getting daily doses of Prime).
  12. what time of the year do goldfish breed?
  13. Oh wow, ok! Hopefully I've got the hang of it now - will test parameters again this evening, do a water change, and see what I've got tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help. I was expecting to wait a few more weeks to add fish. I guess the live plants played a part in expediting the cycle.
  14. You might be just about right to add fish. Once your cycle can consume the ammonia in 24 hours and you have 0 nitrites and some nitrates, your good.
  15. Wow, that was a jump. Okay your tank is doing well. I would only add enough ammonia to get it to just 1ppm. If the nitrites are above 1ppm it will stall the cycle. So let's do a 60% water change. Test it again. If your ammonia is still at 1ppm don't add anymore. Right now your tank is cycling, but I think we might have added to much ammonia....thats my fault as I been busy and didn't get back to ya... 😲
  16. Tested the parameters again after ~24 hours (from what I did in the last post), so this is Day 9 of the fishless cycle: High Range pH: 8.2 Ammonia: 1.0 Nitrite: 5.0 Nitrate: 20.0 Am I doing something wrong? It looks more similar to what should happen around Day 30, instead of Day 9, based on what I read?
  17. Just redose when you water change, you don’t need to add it more frequently than that if I recall.
  18. Awesome! Thank you is it a daily dose or do I dose it once and let it run for a week?
  19. I’d probably run it for a week or so; make sure you vacuum well in the middle and dose again to catch any new hatchlings too, if this is indeed what you are dealing with. And like prazi, I like to give a week or two off and run one more time.
  20. Finally got the second filter working again. Had a bad leak (1000+ liter a day) and could not find it. So after a month of screwing around just re cemented the entire filter and the water fall. Now works GREAT!! In just a week have collected many handfuls of mulm nasty stuff. ( so is working) pictured is the filter with now the plants being added .
  21. Okay, awesome! I looked at my bottle on the pictures from amazon and it’s 500 gallons per 1TSP. I figured I would just use 1/8 a TSP and not need to dilute it since that would treat 62.5 gallons. That should be good. The bottle says it can be doses 10x the recommended dose and still be safe thank you so much for all of the information!! When I get home and start treatment, how long should I do it for? And out of curiosity does this treat ich? My fish don’t have it, just curious hahaha
  22. If I'm understanding you correctly, the plants helped push me into Week 4 of the fishless cycling (based on the article here) in terms of nitrites? Here's what I did: 1) 50% water change with this result: Ammonia: 0.25 Nitrite: 2.0 I can only assume that the nitrites continued to elevate between early yesterday when I measured and tonight before I changed the water, because after a 50% water change, the nitrite levels increased (they were 1.0 yesterday morning; should have re-tested before the water change tonight). 2) I then did a 75% water change with this result: Ammonia: 0.0 Nitrite: 0.5 3) Added ammonia to bring it back to: Ammonia: 3.0-4.0 range Will I have to check levels every day and do water changes if nitrites again rise above 1.0? And also monitor for adding more ammonia if it drops below a certain level? At what point do I add Prime? Again, I can't thank you enough for the guidance!
  23. She's not looking any better 😕
  24. Okay well pets stores aren't that great with goldfish information. This will really help ya. They n33d filters that will cycle the water at least 10 times an hour. That's most likely why the tank is cloudy. I would also test your water. For ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and your ph. All of that is important. If you don't have a test kit. Most LFS's will test your water for free. Just make sure you ask them for the numbers, don't let them say it's in the norm. That doesn't help lol
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