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  2. Group shot, I don't think the tub bottom will be this clean anymore...lol A couple of ranchus, a red rescue and a lemonhead, all fish from ECR.
  3. Mr floaty Oranda. He's swimming around much more now, so we'll see if he continues to struggle to maintain his depth. I'll be away for a couple of weeks in November, so hopefully I should have enough duckweed so I can instruct one of my fish sitter to just drop in a cupful of duckweed a day. Water level is at about 9" depth, about 40 gallons water volume on the Rubbermaid 50. He's a handful (size), about 105 grams. Some more wen growth would be nice but I wouldn't mind if he stays at the current size. My guess he is a year old. Thai based calico oranda.
  4. Front view of the trickle filter. I like my hardware. It holds as much media as 3 of my old 2217 Eheim Classics canister filters, but I prefer to use bonded media pads for mechanical for the top layer and 2 rows of biomedia. The biomedia is supposed to cultivate anaerobic bacteria which consumes nitrates. I was able to keep nitrates down to less than 5ppm after a week with one goldfish, but it will take more time with 3. It seems like it takes about half a year for anaerobic bacteria to catch up to the nitrate levels. I do 2 x 75% water changes on the 40B, with the odd 100% monthly thrown in. Nitrates measures about 20-25 ppm after 4 days. The filter is powered by a Cobalt MJ1200 powerhead with a pre-filter attached.
  5. A few pics I snapped after throwing the tub together. The Rubbermaid 50 is on the floor over a tarp. If it turns out to be a permanent fixture, I'll likely have it raised a little higher on a stand. The group of fish are on the left, I'm using an overhead trickle filter mounted on some aluminum right angles which were a perfect fit on the 40B but extrudes out on the Rubbermaid. The spray/drip bars are running parallel to each other.
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  7. Atlanta Koi show

    Half food today. No more for the rest of the week. They'll still have algae to nibble but no actual fish food. They're not supposed to eat for a few days before the show. I could pull the two that are headed to the show and feed the others as normal but I think they'll be less stressed if I just cut their fish food and leave them home.
  8. Jeana's Lil' Goldie Page

    How did those little runts turn out? I lost all my fish to horrid disease last winter of course so I never got to see if they would amount to anything.
  9. Open Chat :)

    Mornin' all!
  10. Hello! Do you have a long commute to and from work? We have Australia on our bucket list to visit, such a large country we would have to do it 2 parts.
  11. Haha, for me it's a relief. Maybe we're talking about the same thing? Thankfully, I'm down to just one canister now. My love is growing for sponge filters, hob's somewhere in the middle.
  12. New Fish!

    Nice colours on them! Cute!
  13. Jeana's Lil' Goldie Page

    Well.......I haven't been on my own page for a YEAR?!?!? List Of Goldies: Fred-Calico & Yellow Shorttail Ryukin 08/23/15 Daisy-Red & White Oranda (mostly white tailfin) 10-01-16 Zoey-Panda Moor (turned mostly white) 09-25-17 Freckles-Orange Calico Ryukin w/Black Fins 10-16-17 Rose-White & Orange Calico Ryukin w/Black tailfin 10-16-17 Punkin-Mostly White Calico Ryukin w/Button Eyes 10-16-17 Clyde-Dark Brownish w/slight orange tint (Doubletail) 10-16-17 I'm real glad to say that I have mostly LIVE plants (had trouble in the past!) Anubias & Java Fern. Yesterday I cut them all back about 50%.....still alot in there but looks much better!!!!
  14. Open Chat :)

    Hi everyone!!!
  15. Yearly Raffle is now open!

    Hi guys. Was a long, busy and frustrating day at work today! Was so glad when it was hometime
  16. New Fish!

    Here are some more pictures First is Storm, he is the smallest one, only about an inch long Second is Pepper, she is just a little bigger than Storm and the only surviving Double tail from the batch Third is Picasso Jr, named after his suspected mother who has since passed away Fourth and Fifth are Mars, he was the one that hatched in the pond and was probably in there a couple months before I found him. I just love how his colours are coming out Sixth, Doesn't currently have a name, but he was one that has been living outside the whole time and I love his colours, Photo is from last month Seventh is another one that has been living outside the whole time and also doesn't have a name yet, but I absolutely love her colours, the photo doesn't do her justice Eighth is Raindrop. Photo is from the beginning of last month, she has grown a bit since then. Ninth is Picasso Jr With some of my other fish There is probably about 15 others? I'm not really sure how many are still around, I have to clear everything out the pond and do some catching to count them. There are a couple of coloured ones in the big pond but most of them are brown. There are a couple others I don't have photos of too.
  17. I figured the oranda should be making the move to a shallower tub, but it never crossed my mind to move the ranchus too since they appear to be doing fine in the 40B. They were due for their water change in another day, so I went ahead and moved them all into the Rubbermaid stock tank tonight. I think they do enjoy the extra room to spread out their fins, that and a 100% water change. I'll try to get some pics posted. Thanks for the suggestions!
  18. Shakaho is right - whatever may or may not be going on with the swim bladder, a shallower, broader water volume is only going to help. Do show us whatever you come up with, we always love ogling setups
  19. Yesterday
  20. Very nice read, I'm inspired! I'll continue to go bare bottom on the Rubbermaid 50, I may struggle with lighting. The led's over a 40B is no where near as intense over a black tub especially if I'm staying bare bottom with nothing to reflect the light. I'll experiment with adding other light strips. I just might have to add in some fake floating lilys and flowers. This guy is wintering his fish in a Rubbermaid 50.
  21. We are not talking about a little more surface area, but more than twice as much. The shallow water also makes it easier for the oxygen from the air above to diffuse all the way to the bottom of the tank. Even fisheries biologists find that, for lakes of similar area, the deeper the water, the lower the fish production. You will find it quite easy to make a topless, bottomless box to go around the tank and decorate it any way you like. You might like to read this description of making a filter and continuous water change system for a Rubbermaid 50.
  22. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    Yes, exactly. And keep an eye on the ammonia levels, you may see a little cycle bump and have to do more frequently water changes for awhile since it can knock back the denitrifying bacteria a bit.
  23. Ok. The mblue has been running for a little over a week in the main tank. Would I change out all the water, rescape, and add him back in?
  24. The were in quarantine for a couple of months in that same stock tub when I first got them. Should have just left them there! I still find it amazing how a little bit more surface area can be so much more beneficial for gold fish. Sure the stock tub is longer and wider than a 40B, but it's not unmanageable like what you would need to support 10 adults in a glass aquarium. It's just too bad that it looks so darned ugly sitting in the dining room floor. I'll just have to dress it up a bit.
  25. Nine inches should work well. Don't worry about the volume. With average filtration and water changes, the surface area allows this tank to support 5 mature goldfish. With superior filtration and water changes, it can support 10.
  26. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    The plants will bounce back. I just had to run some meth Blue in my own tank and got the same, it’s a biofilm and no big deal. Wipe down the glass, trim off any dead leaves, you’ll be fine.
  27. New Fish!

    At almost 12 months old the biggest of these is probably a bit smaller than the length of my index finger (and I have short fingers lol) Thats just a rough estimate though. Maybe on the weekend I will find my tap measure and pull them out for some measuring. I know Storm, the smallest one is only about an inch long
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