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  3. I had a BN jump out of the tank and commit suicide, they are actually awesome jumpers! I’m sorry so many did so, though
  4. Wens can be funky, and transparency at the tips of fins is very normal, especially if his black isn’t stable color. Can you take a picture of him from the top and front under daylight or very good room light so I can see what is wen vs reflection of your tank light?
  5. how recently have you set up this tank? Was the tank cycled before you got them or are they cycling the tank?
  6. @Arctic Mama I think has built one. She might know. 👍
  7. Some ppl will paint the underside, but you don't need to. If your going to put gravel or sand in there. Mine isn't painted, just the clear glass. I'm not really bothered by it.
  8. If you can a photo of the tank will help. Also I don't know if you have seen our guidelines, it might help ya too.👍
  9. Okay I really didn't realize that was a water that always is out. We do the same thing here. Your ph is fine. If you really want to see what's going on is what AM said. I would get a test kit for gh and kh. This will tell you if you have hard watwr. I'm thinking you do and with it mixing in the tank it slowly goes up. I have the opposite problem. My water will slowly go down.
  10. Hello, I recently started a new tank and one of my fish don’t look as well. It’s been 4 days since he came home and today he showed some discoloration on his we and side fins. Any ideas? He is swimming fine, eating and seems active. Any help would be appreciated. thanks, Jason
  11. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Mandy 😩 Do you have a cat that could’ve swiped at them?
  12. I'm about to get into goldfish and I recently cleaned out an old 46 gallon bowfront I have. Will this be able to hold 2 or 3 fancy goldfish?? The tank will be planted with either a aqua clear 110 and an aqua clear 50 or just 1 spongefilter rated for up to 125 gallon tanks. Also I plan on quarantining the fish for around a month or two but the only available tank I have is a 30 gallon tall would this be ok?? Thank you
  13. also this is very random but if i apply a background on the back will it automatically make the ground that background color or do i also have to put background on the bottom, too?
  14. i've just finished building this stand with my dad for my 90 gallon aquarium in which i bought used. i got both of them for very cheap which is good! i bought a polar aurora 525 gph filter to run my tank, everything is coming along perfectly but i simply have anxiety as to if the stand will hold. we used general purpose screws and it looks very sturdy by itself, but the aquarium is like 1000 pounds... yikes. if i could get any reassurance or if anyone can give me an estimate as to how much weight this can hold i would greatly appreciate it. i know this sounds very stupid but....... i have no words honestly. will the polar aurora suffice for my tank? i'm planning to keep 8 adult ranchus in this tank, so. i'm also planning to go bare bottom. the tank i got is from aquarium masters, will the aqueon versa fit it? planning to do a bit of small scale breeding, where can i find the highest quality ranchu? i'm looking for thai lionchu / buffalo head, eastcoastranchu doesn't have any in stock, king koi and goldfish's stock have weird backs etc. i really love lemonheads and ranchus with compact bodies.
  15. Today turned out to be crazy, towing my car and packing stuff to move in the future. But hopefully tomorrow I can get test and post the results and just goldfish no other fish
  16. Okay, how many goldfish? Ten? Are there other fish too? Thank you for the marineland detail, is this a brand new filter or one using cycled media from an existing tank? Can you post your water testing results as well please? PH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels for both the fresh tap water AND the tank right before you water change?
  17. So just when I say that BN are doing well....Today I found 6 of them OUTSIDE the tank, all dried up and very dead I don't know how they got out the tank, it doesnt have lids (they broke) but I didn't think the water level was high enough for them to be able to get themselves out
  18. Sorry haha I sorta spazz wrote that, all the goldfish are in a 50 GAL with 10 live plants at this moment, and filter is a basic Marineland that rest on the tank as I'm trying to research other filters but honestly I'm lost the information for fish is so tricky to find and some articles are the terrible ones saying "Betta is a 1 GAL is fine!" The other fish are in 30 GALS also Marine Lands
  19. And I’m going to bed - east coast - but I promise I will respond tomorrow morning
  20. Wait, I’m not clear. How many goldfish? What filtration? How many tanks currently running with mature filters? We can figure out a solution, it may just be labor intensive and a lot of water
  21. Can you figure out the hardness for it? Some water has a very unstable pH due to dissolved gasses or being very soft, even if it still is somewhat neutral.
  22. So like many new fish owners i was clueless how fast Goldfish can get messy if the tank doesn't fully cycle, My angelfish, guppies, Plecos and Bettas (not all in the same tank of course) Cycled and are doing a-ok But I got my goldfish first, so as they would i cycled the tank for 48 hours and was like "Yes this is perfect I'm doing great" After the tank got bad i got a separate 50 GAL tank and cleaned water and put them in it after it cycled for a week (i was not doing test as i was still not fully knowledgeable on what top do) The tank was doing fine for maybe 2-3 weeks i think, and i added in new sand which made the water cloudy but it didn't seem to go away so i got the water tested and of course high Nitrates, PH was fine and all the other stuff but high Nitrates. I don't over feed and I've been transitioning to live plants but I know that wont solve it as long as they stay in that water.... so my dilemma is, how can i correctly cycle the water without moving them or will i have to move them somehow? i'm trying to avoid additional stress as I know the water is stress enough for the angels. Is their any way to clean the water in their tank, with changes and treatments, are there tricks I don't know? I'm using Prime for the water recently as I've seen it pop up in videos and got recommended it but I know that's not enough. My only though its to cycle a tank but i only have a 30 GAL which is far too small for 10 1-2" goldfish, even the 50 is but we are looking to get two large tanks in the future. I'm trying my best to fix my mistake moneys tight but I'm willing to drop it as i get it if it means getting them to a healthy life
  23. Hey! Yes, my water starts neutral and end up alkaline. No i did not and wasnt about to buffer, lol no worries! I know my fish is ok but i just want to understand why it does that?? Isnt it supose to be going the other way? Like more acidic with deco and poo? It puzzles the crap out of me... Ray is thriving as this is a constant *thing* but i still would like to nail down why its doing that
  24. Last week
  25. Wait wait, I think I misunderstood before. So you’re saying it is going from neutral to much more alkaline during the week? If that’s the case we do NOT want to buffer it with anything that will raise pH. Or am I misunderstanding?
  26. Your pH is fine. Goldfish do well at pHs between 7.0 and 9.0. A stable 8.2 is perfect. If the pH drops much below 7.0 you run the risk of a pH crash, and that will harm your fish.
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