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  2. Open Chat :)

    Glad they are all doing well! I've heard so many horror stories about Walmart fish and I'm so glad we don't have them here. Of course there are bad pet shops, the worst one I knew recently shut down (Yay!) Crown is stunning
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  4. Open Chat :)

    Oh yeah Walmart is well known for poor fish treatment... But I have never seen 3 boys in one cup either... And priced as one! The red one is actually really pretty. When he was being mean to the blue one yesterday... His fins looked so pretty. I watched them last night to see if I would need to separate them immediately rather than wait until morning but the blue one was in total flight mode. Even when the red one cornered him, he submitted completely (did not flare back, did not blow bubbles, nothing) and the red one left him alone with a triumphant "I'm more handsome than you and you know it!" I've named the red one Crown, the blue one Royal, and the orange one Whiskey... Lol! They all ate happily today (did not feed yesterday) and they all seem much better. They might all die an early death like Novae did (a year old), but at least they're apart and can live happily for a while hopefully.
  5. Yearly Raffle is now open!

    It's amazing how so any of us started out with the same sort of story, to many fish, too small a tank
  6. Open Chat :)

    Poor Bettas. I hope they can recover. Around here Bettas are kept in smallsmall tanks or jars at the store but not in cups like that. Though I've seen a few that looked just plain unhappy or ill I've never seen anything like that, Thankfully. I see a lot of it on youtube with walmart bettas
  7. New Fish!

    Myra is right, she was just born without one. I have another one without one as well. I've heard that quite a few times With how small they are though it often makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong
  8. Open Chat :)

    Yeah they must have not been in there long. Glad you was able to work out something for them. I do remember seeing two Betta's in a cup before. The defeated Betta was lying down motionless and the other was parading over him like he was Muhammad Ali. Poor thing. I took the cup to the sales person. Another time I saw this Betta in a cup with a stomach totally inflated looking like he was 9 months pregnant. Someone had dumped a whole bunch of pellets in his cup and he proceeded to try and eat himself to death. Again I took the cup to the sales person and he said "kids". It's sad that customers act like that, but in this case the company is putting the animals at risk. Terrible.
  9. Open Chat :)

    Total hot mess girl. I managed to rig up some crap and separate them... The sideways boy is much better. I was worried he would die. All 3 boys eagerly ate today and seem okay. They're all missing bits of fin and kinda beat up but they're okay. I doubt they'd been in there very long because male Bettas will fight to the death.
  10. New Fish!

    I don't suspect the cover came off. I suspect the fish was merely born without one. I've had several fish missing stuff that most fish have.
  11. New Fish!

    Wow I never seen fish gills before. How did the cover come off?
  12. Open Chat :)

    Wow shame on Walmart! I've seen some crazy stuff with Bettas at a pet stores, but never a three for one special all in the same cup. Hot mess! I'm surprised they're all alive. Hope they pull through.
  13. That's interesting. Good luck this time around.
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  15. New Fish!

    I don't try to grow fish out... Goodness no. I stand so firmly against bulk feeding them and I can't bear the extra water changes either. My fancy fish grow at what I think is a normal rate. Definitely not fast. I have yearlings that are still 30 grams. Now my regular goldfish, which have all been plain orange Comets (Asteroid, Shrimp, and Rustic) seem to grow faster. I want to try an experiment next year with a common and a shubunkin and a different type of Comet to see if they grow at the same rate as the regular comets.
  16. New Fish!

    Fish that grow slowly and stay small live longer.
  17. You should move them all into the 50 gallon Rubbermaid. The huge surface area to volume ratio makes this tank able to support many more fish than the volume suggests. The greater the area of the tank, the more the fish swim, and the better the gas exchange at the surface. Fancy goldfish need exercise to avoid buoyancy problems. Guidelines based on the surface area recommend 2 square feet of surface area per goldfish. The 40B has about 4.5 square feet of surface area, which makes it fine for two goldfish whether you stock by volume or surface area. The Rubbermaid 50 has about 10 square feet of surface area, as much as a 100 gallon stock tank.
  18. I have a nicely proportioned juvenile Oranda that I'm growing out, he's always been the strongest swimmer of my 3 fish, his other tank mates are 2 juvenile ranchu. Lately over the past several weeks, I've noticed that while at rest, he prefers to chill/float at the surface and when he sees me, he springs into action with a big splash and starts swimming all over the tank. When he stops swimming, his tail end would like to float up, not quite tail over head but he's still a strong swimmer and with a couple of tail swishes he's propelling him forward and upright again. When he's foraging on the bottom for food, he puts it extra work to stay near the bottom. Would this likely be the start of a swim bladder disorder? IIRC, he's always been raised in depth of 16" from fry and he's in a 40 gallon breeder now. My plan is to continue to grow these 3 fish out in a 40 gallon breeder for maybe another 6 months and move the oranda into a 50 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank with a lower water level and leave the 2 ranchu behind, but if he continues to be "floaty" I can move him sooner. I'm happy to complete the "template" if it helps, but it's more of a general comment right now.
  19. Open Chat :)

    So this happened today...
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  21. Atlanta Koi show

    I've gone the past two years, and brought a baby fish the past two years. First year my baby fantail won best in special. Last year my baby ryukin won baby grand champ. I was hoping to show an adult this year but sadly I lost all my fish to a mystery disease and I had no adults left. I got some babies last winter and I will be showing two this year as well. We only show for fun and I only show tiny cheap fish, so it's nice that they do well sometimes.
  22. Open Chat :)

    I have a few thanks that need worked on. WCs, plant control, algea scraping. It never ends. Lol Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
  23. I started out having some cute little goldfish catch my eye YEARS ago. I bought 3 or 4.....why not I had a 10 gallon tank at home that hadn't been used in years. I took them home, filled the tank, plunked the fish in there & then went to find where I had stored the filter. You can imagine it didn't take long for things to go TERRIBLY wrong. The poor lil' goldies started swimming less & less....then started dying. I started searching the web & stumbled across KOKO's. I quickly found I had not near enough tank & way too many fish! MY hubby bought me a 20 gallon tank. I think one goldie survived the ordeal. My learning curve was long & slow but I eventually learned & can now enjoy them!!
  24. Sounds like a lot of fun. I never been to a fish show.
  25. Hi I need to clean my filters too. I have a sponge and HOB filter. Do you think it'll be ok to squeeze them both out during the same water change?
  26. Open Chat :)

    Hi and good morning y'all. TGIF....was this close to not coming to work today. Wanted to take the day off and clean my tank and take care of other business LOL. But I came to work anyway. Will take care of the stuff this weekend.
  27. Open Chat :)

    Good day everyone. I hope you are all well. Sent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
  28. How hard is it to breed goldfish?

    Fish is doing better after a little water change. I need to check the water with my new water testing kit, but right now I am not at home. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  29. New Fish!

    Yea..these are single tails. Its weird that they just haven't grown. Though the ones I he inside at the moment seem to be having a bit of a growth spurt, strange since my tanks are more overstocked than the pond lol. Maybe they re getting more food in the smaller place. Anyway once spring sets in I'll be swapping some fish around and will see how things go then I don't seem to be very good at growing fish out, my fish tend to grow very slowly and stay fairly small. If I get eggs this year I wont be raising any, but maybe next year I will try gain
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