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  2. Breeders --> wholesalers --> retailers. that's usually the most of it.
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  4. Thank you to both of you, you both helped so much even if she did go, thank you
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  6. The fluke solve is a good choice, you can use it Yes. We definitely want to buffer that water a bit! And yes, you’ll do this every time. Baking soda is great because it is so cheap. But remember the pH is really less important here than the hardness, we want more stability and that will give it to you. The pH change is just a side effect here, but we are aiming for less soft and volatile, and better for your fish’s osmotic balance.
  7. I am sorry about your loss, Koko. It is sad when a friend (even ones with fur or scales) passes away. I like looking at my fish swim and do what ever fish do during the day. I think they are generally looking at the pebbles for food.
  8. I was watching my goldfish this afternoon and a thought came to me. Where do pet store goldfish come from? I know pet stores do not make fish in their back room, but where are they from? I know that one fish is from petsmart but the other fish was from a pet store that was at a mall. I do not know where my fish were before they were at the pet store.
  9. I cant find anywhere that lists all the ingredients for fluke solve, only that it contains 50% praziquantel. https://www.vetark.co.uk/pages/SoluPraz_1.aspx?pageid=368 That's a link to the page with information about it. I'll start raising the temp over the next couple of days. I tried using my KH test kit - you have to add 1 drop at a time and wait for the colour to change from blue to yellow, counting how many drops you add. The first two drops didn't add any colour to the liquid and then the 3rd drop made it yellow so I assume the KH is less than 3. I will have a go at raising the PH with baking soda tomorrow. Should I raise the PH for all water changes from now on? I will also have a look round for some coral.
  10. If you can get a one gallon jug. Then fill it with tap water. Then your going to test the ph. Then add 1/8 of a teaspoon of baking soda to it. Mix it in well let sit for about a min or so. Then test. Keep adding the baking soda and testing the ph till you get the ph close to 7.0 - 7.2 that range. Now keep track of how much you used, cause that would be the amount you would need to use for your water changes. Also see if you can find some crushed coral and a mesh bag the sell at the LFS or a used pair of panty hoses will work. What you want to do with that is put the crushed coral in the bag, then place that into the filter. This will keep your ph more stable once you get the ph up. I have to use it in my tank as my kh is low and my ph will slowly go down.
  11. That's not good. Can you tell me there setup and test the water.....ph, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. What kind of medicine do you have on hand.
  12. Hi everyone, Something is wrong with my goldfish fry! Noticed these little white hair hanging from their chins, no where else. Could it be flukes or anchor worms? **What to treat it with and what's the dosage for fry? No signs of flashing or loss of appetite. Growth is very slow - although I'm not familiar with this enough to recognize what is the normal rate. Please help, Jennifer
  13. Yay! I’ll share this one from my hike this week.
  14. Sorry guys I locked it one accident. Thank you @Caretta Rose for telling me. 👍🎈
  15. Thanks 😊 She’s one of mine. My first since stocking my aquarium. Also the same fish that’s used in my display picture! She was sold as a broadtail ryukin/oranda mix. I named her Ponyo.
  16. I'm sorry she's gone. In all honesty, they don't do well after that. 😳
  17. Oh .....thats just regular salt with no additives like anti-caking. Epsom salt is used to get swelling down in ppl and fish. You find it commonly in the drug stores.
  18. Just in case someone needs the link. https://www.dandyorandas.com/auction-list/
  19. Thanks for the advice both FishyMandy and Koko. Unfortunately, she just passed yesterday morning.. . this is the salt I was using, I thought because it was aquarium salt it was epsom, but now I’m not sure.. :/
  20. Friday, January 24th at 08:00 PM EST, (tomorrow, as I write this) is the LAST AUCTION for DANDY ORANDAS! I'm excited and sad, both at the same time! Help Dandy Orandas go out with a BANG! Get yourself an amazing fish or two! Tell everyone you know!
  21. Fluke solve should work, can you get a picture of the active ingredients? Go ahead and put the heater in and raise the temp about a degree every four hours or so until it’s up to 78-80F
  22. Thank you for your advise i really appreciate it. I got a KH test kit today so I will test that for tap and tank water tomorrow and let you know. I have a heater that I can put in to warm up the water. I can't find anywhere selling prazi in the uk but I found something I think is similar, called fluke solve. I cant find any meto though. I'm about to go to bed but tomorrow I'll do KH tests so buffering advice would be greatly appreciated thanks again
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  24. I’ve got a lot going right now but I didn’t want to leave this hanging! Your water is ridiculously soft. The pH doesn’t much matter, but it’s really not great for goldfish to have so little redox potential and can make things unstable. Koko can walk you through buffering with both baking soda and aragonite sand We want to see that hardness much improved, even if the pH doesn’t change much. And then it’s a simple matter of rebuffering the water during water changes for whatever volume is replaced. I would probably do both prazi and metro, but the water needs to be warmer, too. If this is a parasitic then metro might help or might not be enough, but being able to raise the heat gradually during treatment to closer together 78-80F is going to help mature any larval parasite quicker so we can see what we are dealing with. It will also boost your goldfish’s immune system, the cooler water can be stressful to fancies compared with comets and shubunkin. If you are able to obtain those meds (prazi shouldn’t be hard to find in the UK but metronidazole often needs ordering from the US) that would be the first step. If that isn’t possible we can focus on getting a heater and going from there with a prazi and salt treatment instead, maybe with some methylene blue or colloids silver as an additional antiseptic if needed.
  25. One thing I did find out this past year. Lights to effect there coloring. I have a 40b tank with a (was Moor) and a ranchu. My lights where getting dull and my Moor was just starting to get some orange on her. So I got a new Led light on there. It slowed it down but the damage was done. She's almost all orange now. They are both feed Fluval bug bites for the most part. Sometimes the get Omega food as a treat. So I know it's not the food. I would love others opinions about this.it is always an interesting view.
  26. Boy what a way to start off this year. Man it's got to get better. One would think. 🎈
  27. I want to see what @Arctic Mama says. But if it was me and my fish I would do a Prazi and Metro round, but I know your in another country. Can you find those?
  28. Like FishyMandy said use only Epsom salt in this cause. Regular salt will make them hold the water. We don't want that as she is already has enough in her system.
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