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  2. Open Chat :)

    I went to Walmart to fetch pecans for a dish for Thanksgiving... And though I couldn't get the white fish I saw last time (I knew it)... I saw two cute babies. I KNOW I shouldn't have gotten them but I couldn't resist. The fantail... Omg he's so cute... And I saw a pretty but very skinny little London Shubunkin. I rarely see them and figured to take her. I do like her and I want single tails for the outdoor experiment. I see a TINY outtie vent so I suspect female. I have to makeshift a QT for them for a while. I only have one 200 watt heater which won't make the water WARM but they should be fine. Definitely not buying anymore. I am not overstocked and want to keep it that way.
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  4. Wow!! That is an amazing find😁 The state you have mentioned is Bangalore which is different from where I am from 3states down under, but next time I visit Bangalore Il check. But the brand name is a huge help and Il check in pharmacies. I didnt know they had it available as capsules and that too one tenth the price of other aquatic meds! So just as a guidance, if I can get this capsule what should be the dosage?
  5. I've heard of Wondershells and we have 0*dKH. I rely on baking soda to keep my a KH reasonably high enough to keep the pH stable, so the water does need changing if just to replenish carbonates used during the week.
  6. Felix needs a new home....

    I hope you find someone. Sure looks like a very nice pond fish
  7. Babies

    MJ when I lived in CA I couldn't get my goldfish to breed for the life of me. But for some reason living up here in OR I get them doing it all spring and summer. I hope they will do something for you
  8. I use the Wondershells to keep it balanced. For some ppl it doesn't work if the KH is very low. The reason it will dissolve to fast for some. Mine I only need to put the pond size in my 40B tank about every three weeks. I have yet to have a problem with my PH (knock on wood) since I started to use them. I have the same problem with supersaturation too. For this I do two water changes a week and only us 95% cold water, thats the other reason I do smaller changes cause the water is so cold right now.
  9. Thank you! You have very soft water too with little buffering capacity too? During the winter I do have to watch out for oxygen supersaturation too with larger water changes.
  10. Open Chat :)

    So sorry to hear, especially this time of the season. Prayers and well wishes sent!
  11. Open Chat :)

    Oh wow. That sucks super bad. I have had a broken foot before (not that bad) and it did suck to limp around for what seemed like ages. Can't believe a fall with a Turkey caused such a massive amount of damage. Usually you need a crush or like a landing from somewhere high to break so many bones. I'm so sorry. I am glad you have help, the worst thing ever would be to fall like that and have nobody to help during recovery.
  12. Open Chat :)

    Ouch! So Sorry Taryl
  13. Open Chat :)

    Well I know I haven’t been on much, as we are still living in boxes and I’m having a heck of a time juggling the therapy schedules and homeschool and online activity. But this takes the cake: Aftwr a few days of visiting in-laws, an ice storm that knocked out our power for two days, and then spending all night Saturday cooking two turkeys for a church potluck, I was carrying said turkeys, all carved up and warm in my roasting oven, down the church stairs. My left foot was on about the third stair from the bottom but my shoe tread somehow slipped and I went down hard, snap crackle pop crunch, and horrible shooting pain. Miraculously I didn’t spill any of the turkey, but I broke both bones in my ankle and damaged the ligaments and have been in the hospital since Sunday morning. You can’t see it in that particular picture but the fibula is in a few pieces at the bottom and I broke the *back* of my tibia, sheared it right off as it jammed down over the bones of my foot. Apparently that’s a way more unusual break than the side of the tibia, who knew? I had surgery earlier today to add plates, screws, and fit the various bone pieces back together. I might be released as early as Tuesday night or possibly stay another day, and then I’m seriously considering heading to a surgical rehab center for a few more days to rest and get help before going home to the kids. It’s going to be three months, minimum, of zero weight bearing or torsion. They want me using a walker or possibly a knee scooter, but how I’m going to do that and care for the kids (including the disabled toddler, who cannot crawl or stand or walk) I honestly don’t know. Our church is stepping up in an amazing way to help and my husband has taken off work until next Monday, but after that is when my need for help will really step up. As if life wasn’t crazy enough, right? But I didn’t hit my head or break my back, this happened during a fairly good time at hubby’s work, and it was just an ankle, albeit a bad ankle break. We also had our deductible AND out of pocket max filled for the year because of the toddler’s medical needs, so all of the ambulance rides and inpatient and surgery have been fully covered. That’s a huge blessing. Prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated, as I’m having a hard time finding the right pain management that doesn’t make me too nauseous or not work. For now, it’s safe to say I’m doing a whole lot of sitting and lying around this holiday season!
  14. Goldfish stressed and not eating, don't know why????

    He’d probably eat them, yes.
  15. I do have a cover. Would my fish have eaten them if he were there? I am not too keen on having these be an ongoing occurrence.
  16. That is sounding so much better. Yes keep up on the water changes but keep an eye on that Ph while we go into rainy season I know mine will change little bit
  17. I had some of those when I lived in CA. It seemed to happen to me in my filters. I never did figure mine out. Do you have a cover over the filter?
  18. WOW! Now where is @Helen and her photos
  19. New fish

    Oh my that guy is so handsome. Where do you live
  20. Yesterday
  21. Open Chat :)

    Gotcha. So fairly small but not teensy tiny. I can't wait to see her once she puts on some weight and grows a bit. Her color is really pretty and I am sure she will look great.
  22. Open Chat :)

    I'm really bad at estimating size but I'd say probably around 3 inches SL I'll probably keep her in QT for quite a while past the 4 weeks minimum I normally do, just until I'm satisfied she has put on enough weight. I was calling her Ninja to start with but that has since changed to Maggie
  23. Open Chat :)

    Oh I already knew you bought her lol. She is in good hands. Hopefully she will grow and end up super pretty. It's impossible to tell her size from here. About how big is she? That color doesn't look finished at all so I suspect she's quite young.
  24. Open Chat :)

    She seems able to eat so hopefully just a case of not been fed properly. Because yes I bought her home lol
  25. Open Chat :)

    Aww. She is cute. That black sure is pretty. Maybe it will hold. She is very VERY skinny though. She looks like poor little Uru did. He was unable to eat properly. I saw a BIG and very pretty all white Comet last time I went to Walmart. I did well to leave it there... But I won't lie, if it is there when I return, I will probably get it. It was actually really pretty. I doubt it will stay long.
  26. Open Chat :)

    She is skinny and needs beefing up, but she is beautiful. Fell in love with her on my lfs fb page
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  28. Babies

    Sometimes the best of us dont have good luck! In saying that, hopefully this year you're a bit more successful! (As for the mops, maybe increase the size of the weight used?) Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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