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  2. My gorgeous Comets

    Like all types of goldfish according the size of the body the comets are also deviated in bonsai, medium and jumbo size. I think mine will be medium size and probably after couple of years they could reach not more than 4-5 inches, only the body. At the moment they are around 3-3,5 inches without the tail, and I assume 1 year old.
  3. Big bulge on fish's left side

    It's been a week and it hasn't changed much, maybe a teeny tiny bit. Cosmo is still eating well, but he doesn't like that I'm feeding him lightly during his QT time. He's always begging for more pellets When Cosmo is resting his tail is floating halfway up and his nose down so he is at an angle like he is going down an imaginary slide, that is not how he usually looks while resting/sleeping. Otherwise he swims horizontally like normal. Should I be concerned with this now?
  4. New Ranchu's red marks and dropsy

    Thanks shakaho!
  5. New Ranchu's red marks and dropsy

    No, the bloating had nothing to do with salt or prazi. It responded to kanaplex, so it resulted from an internal bacterial infection.
  6. New Ranchu's red marks and dropsy

    Hi ladies. Apologies for taking so long to come back to you. These fish are in quarantine hence the smaller tank and daily water changes. I have a 300L / 80g tank waiting for them. I ended up treating with kanaplex as I was really concerned with the black ranchu's sudden bloating and dropsy. Unfortunately I lost the calico but the black ones dropsy diasappeared and he shrank back to normal size within 24 hrs of starting kanaplex. 😊 Out of curiosity is it possible that the bloating might also have been a reaction to the salt or prazi? I use prazi powder and noticed he was eating it... 😝
  7. That’s alright Here the same one
  8. Goldfish of the Week Poll #16 2018

    Hmmm...I can't see the first picture
  9. Does being fat increase chances of swim bladder disease ?

    Too bad that fatness is the standard of beauty in goldfish. Having a nice prize winning fat goldfish is a dream but a fat goldfish with swim bladder disease is a nightmare !
  10. Last week
  11. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Sebastian may not be the most exotic of fish but he sure is handsome !
  12. Remember that foods high in fat can make them fat. Also sometimes its all in the genetics of a fish.
  13. I find that moss balls give them something to do in my tank
  14. Rustic

    WOW getting bigger all the time
  15. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Did a water change on my tank while they where laying eggs again for the second time this week and for the fourth time this month. Can they please give me a break. Tank gets so messy when they do this. I have seen some fry but about a day later they are all gone So I bought them some wisteria to float on the top of the tank. Maybe that will help
  16. Open Chat :)

    Man not again I managed not to get Justine's cough this time but I did hurt my back again. That sucks. I can't even go shopping
  17. One pic per personPlease include a description or a caption of the photo.This contest is limited to goldfish and Koi that you now or have owned only please.First 10 pics go into the poll.Good luck
  18. 1. @adnan 2. @aaronv801 “” 3. @FishyMandy “Roo”
  19. @aaronv801 Congrats what a great photo and good looking fish 3. @aaronv801“My grumpy girl TATA”
  20. Yes, fatness encourages swim bladder disorders. A fish can experience swim bladder disorder at any age. I expect the incidence increases with age.
  21. Does being fat increase chances of swim bladder disease ?

    Sebastian is around five months old now. As Sebastian ages and grow bigger, at what age will I know for sure Sebastian will not get swim bladder disease because he is growing up ? Is there a cut of age that one would know that the goldfish will not get swim disease if the goldfish reaches that age ?
  22. Does being fat like show quality goldfishes are increase the chances of swim bladder disease ? Does being less fat decrease the chances of goldfish getting swim bladder disease ?
  23. I am in the process of adding back my plant pots (see my tank thread if you like). maybe some more marbles too? curing boredom was the biggest reason I added tank mates.
  24. Also, the tank is pretty bare. I would just sit around bored too if my home looked that way. There's very little to do. 2 or 3 marbles isn't really sufficient mental stimulation if you ask me. Goldfish love to forage and they like plants. It is my opinion that really bare tanks aren't appropriate. I keep lots of things on the bottom for my fish to move around and forage through even though I don't have substrate yet. I also have artificial plants scattered all around and bubbles that they like to swim through.
  25. Here's the tank currently @swimswim I did put the third one back home where she belongs. There's just the two others now. They aren't super big and they won't get super big. They're just cheap and tiny Walmart fish. The bigger one is about 2 years old now and the smaller one is a year old. Water quality is good since I was able to jump the cycle with some really nicely cycled media and there's a good amount of filtration. The issues last time I ran this tank were nightmarish. Extremely high nitrates and just a mess. I've learned a lot since then. There definitely isn't "white water" though there is a bit of current. The filters are HOB (not canisters with strong spray bars) which are both fitted with pre filters to slow flow a tad bit and also so their food doesn't get sucked in. It definitely isn't that bad.
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