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  2. Welcome welcome! Those are great articles and I second the recommendation to get a test kit (very inexpensive) and keep a close eye on your ammonia. Daily water changes will help immensely, as that is melanophore migration in the wake of ammonia burns. It may look worse before it looks better but as long as the ammonia stays low it’s a temporary side effect of the goldfish healing, not new or additional damage.
  3. Tumor (?) on my beautiful ryukin :(

    Thank you for the advice with using wet towels. It totally worked. He was flipping out (literally) until I set him down and put the towel on his face and then he laid still. I used a cotton swab to dab a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the sore/tumor. He was only out of the water for maybe 30 seconds. I assume I was not supposed to let the hydrogen peroxide sit on the wound for any length of time as that would involve having him out of the tank for a while. So the hydrogen peroxide rinsed right off after I put him in the tank. I did take a picture but it literally looks like nothing is there. I'll post another one tomorrow if I can get a better one. He is now in the tank with his fins clamped :(, I'm assuming because the peroxide application hurt. I burst into tears as soon as I got him back in the tank - he's such a trooper but I know he's in pain. Quick question: if he has an abscess under his skin, will dabbing peroxide or iodine on his skin actually do anything? I just want to be clear that this is not an open wound as far as I can tell.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I was so close!

    Thanks guys! Here is a photo of Poppy (or Soda as I've started calling him lol) in the shop, you can also see the other mirrorscale they had. I chose him because I liked the long fins
  6. I was so close!

    They do. I wonder if it may have a hint of koi DNA in there somewhere Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  7. I was so close!

    Well I think I would have gotten them too. That first one the Orange one is impressive. Those scales look like they belong to a Koi
  8. What is up with my Goldfish?

    I wanted to say though. Great call, I didn't even see the filter. Was focused on the PH. back @Mikey
  9. I was so close!

    Congrats!! They’re lovely
  10. What is up with my Goldfish?

    Hi Sharon! How are you? okay! Sounds good!
  11. What is up with my Goldfish?

    Hi Mikey! Welcome back. We are trying to figure out the strange pH situation in this tank, so let's not worry about the filter size right now.
  12. What is up with my Goldfish?

    1. Draw a water from the tap to fill the cup. 2. Fill your test tube up to the line (5 ml) with water from the cup. 3. Test the pH of the water in the test tube following the directions that come with the kit. Report your results. 4. Leave the remaining water in the cup alone for 24 hours. 5. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  13. What is up with my Goldfish?

    The carbon pads I try not to replace, unless they fall apart. But two weeks ago I did change the carbon pad for some dumb reason and it probably started the cycle again . And I don't know how old the carbon pad is because I just took it out of another tank. The pad is about 6 months old as old as the tank. I don't know if it's an ammonia remover.
  14. According to the tracking my buddys parcel is waiting for collection from the post office, so hopefully they will have it soon
  15. I was so close!

    Congrats Mandy!!! They’re beautiful!!!
  16. I was so close!

    I almost made it a whole year without buying any new goldfish But I had a setback in my addiction I went on a day trip with two of my friends, while out we went to my favourite fish shop because we were nearby and I had to get some food and prime anyway. Rachael kept pointing at the different goldfish "ooh buy that one!" then Ray said "If you buy one I'll go halves with you" I had fallen in love with these guys last time I was there...six weeks ago. I couldn't decide between the two. So I got both. I blame the peer pressure Anyway the White/Red Tosakin is named Rae, because Ray bought her for me and I'm pretty sure she's a girl so I thought i'd be nice and change it to a E. The Mirrorscale Comet is named Sodapop according to Rachael....I'm calling him Pop or Poppy. Getting these two means I need to rethink my stocking plans again lol. So I'm thinking I will keep 11 of my fry. Then this will be what I end up with 150g Pond - 5 of the Fry (they dont have names yet lol), Angel, Luka, Hamster, Papi, Rae 450g Pond - Albie, Sherlock, Arty, Raven, Picasso, Splasher, Pascal, Funky, Citrus, Captain, Scotty, Rusty, Spike, Poppy and 6 of the Fry 160g Tank - Neptune, Pinkie, Topaz, Opal, Spice, Jupiter, Seaking, Kolo, Buddy 80g Tank - Jasmine, Goldeen, Roo, Rhett
  17. What is up with my Goldfish?

    Hi! I just wanna Jump in really fast. That aqueon filter you have does not have the correct gallons per hour for your tank. For your tank you would have wanted minimally the aqueon quietflow 30. Right now your filter is flowing at 125 gallons per hour which isn’t too bad for the one goldfish in that size tank, but 200 gallons per hour is more ideal for your tank size. I think an issue is that you’re cleaning the biological too often. The blue plastic pieces are you biological media. You don’t really want to touch those unless they get clogged. Cleaning too much can cause a cycle bump. How often do you replace the carbon pads? How old is the one in the filter now? And how old is the pad in the front of the filter? That’s an ammonia remover pad right?
  18. What is up with my Goldfish?

    So put 5mL in a cup? Idk how I am not getting this, it just seems like regular testing? I am so sorry I am not getting it I just wanna make sure I am not messing up and having to do this over and over.
  19. What is up with my Goldfish?

    You take 5ml of the water to be tested and follow instructions for the test.
  20. What is up with my Goldfish?

    OK so I did a water change and here is what it was like I tested the PH of the tap and tank and the ammonia of the tank before the water change - PH tap - 7.6 - PH tank - 7.0 - Ammonia tank - .50 So I did a lot in this water change - I replaced my media in the 20. I replaced the media about 2 weeks ago (Really dumb of me) Because I thought there was a problem in it.... So today I replaced it with media in 55 gallon tank (My 55 gallon is going really well and the media in it is full of good bacteria ) So I did that, because the 20 gallon has one media slot and the 55 gallon has 2 so it was perfect. - I also removed about half or 1/3 of the anacharis in the tank and one rock. I managed to get rid of some dead plant matter is looked like. - Did about a 40% or so water change. Then I tested the PH after the water change of the tank. - PH of the tank - 7.6 I had a good feeling about this and I still do, I hope this works.
  21. What is up with my Goldfish?

    And how many drops? Or just the same amount?
  22. Last week
  23. What is up with my Goldfish?

    Put it in a cup, a 5 gallon bucket, or anything in between. As long as the container is clean, the volume isn't important, but a test tube is too small.
  24. What is up with my Goldfish?

    Ya, I am currently doing that. I am using the tube the PH test comes with though, because if I use a jug I don't know how much I should put in?
  25. What is up with my Goldfish?

    What we really need is a Jug of water from your tap, fill that jug with Tap water. Then test it right away. Now let that jug of water sit out for 24 hours then test it again. This is important as we need to figure out why its going down. Not the tank Tap water in a Jug.
  26. What is up with my Goldfish?

    Next water change will you please check the pH of both the tank and the tap water before the water change and also the pH of the tank water after the water change. Please take samples of your tank and tap water to your fish/pet store and ask them to test the KH.
  27. Canister Filter Vs. Normal Filter

    My opinion is canister filter is best because I used it for last 1.5 years. If you want your fish tank to be sparkly clean then my choice is canister filter. Tha main reason is, the Canister filter sucks in dirty water from the aquarium and pumps out pure water. The impure water goes through three major filtration processes namely Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical. I have been using Fluval G6 filter. This filter to filter both saltwater and freshwater aquarium. The filtration system is extremely easy to use. You will just have to press one single button and your job is done. If you want you can check this filter review. https://fishboxpro.com/best-canister-filter-review/
  28. I did something naughty 

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      Are those dragon scales? WOW! 

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      Mirror Scale Comet and a Tosakin :o
      My friend paid for the Tosakin for m so that's my excuse for bringing both of them home when I barely have room for one :rofl 

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      I love the the Comet. WOW :) 

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