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the value of a good buffer

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I just wanted to post this little note about how important buffers are when you have soft water like I do.

I just tested the perams in my QT tank. I hadn't added buffer to it (since it's empty) and was shocked to see that in just a week, the pH was nearly down to 6.0!! Out of the tap it's about 7.0.

I ran out and tested my main tank straight away. I always buffer it using buff-it-up, but I was worried. But, my tank was at a healthy 7.3. PHEW!!!

So don't underestimate how quickly your pH can drop in unbuffered water.

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I had this problem when I was living in Manchester, my water would drop from 7 to BELOW 6 in about an hour without a buffer, so I had to age it with crushed coral before doing any bigger water changes!

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