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Two new goldfish

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My blue oranda is in the pond with Fish and Pond. Moving him back into house late fall.  Have three fish in the 125 Speckles, Bows and Luna.  Bought two new calico fantails yesterday.  Been calling them Sugar and Spice.  I think that may stick. They are in my 17 gallon tank.  Will move them to big tank in a few days.  That tank is up for sale. Just have plants and snails in it.  That well have me down to four tanks.  Split 10 gallon with bettas, 150 oscar tank, 125 goldfish tank and my 29 gallon saltwater.  I also still have my very small 55 gallon pond outside.

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Very nice now if someone see your blog they got a very nice photo of your tank. Just love it. :thumbs: 

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