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Food for thought...what ive observed with eating and floating

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So lately (the last month) I have been experimenting with duckweed and amounts of pellet foods (Hikari lionhead ~2.3mm and NLS thera A ~1mm) that I'm feeding the GF.

So things I've noticed :fishtank :

- the amount of duckweed I feed does not bother them (no floating), also if your duckweed is getting the right amount of nitrogen the protein in it can get up to 40% :thumb:

- the amount of pellet food does bother one of my GF in particular (Little Tom//ranchu) who is very good at eating and always gets the most.

- using a worm cone worked for a while until LT became very good at guttsing on the food in the cone :Scoff:

- I started crushing the pellets so that the amount each fish got at one time was less than if they ate a whole pellet (I started feeding 1 crushed Hikari pellet at a time/if using NLS crushed 2-3 pellets) :rolleyes:

- If I fed more than 1Hikari crushed pellet or 2-3 NLS crushed pellets LT would nose dive/float until the next day :no:

So my feeding regime now is mainly duckweed (everyday) plus every 2nd day 1Hikari crushed pellet or 2-3 NLS crushed pellets. :thumbup2:

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It seems as though it is, it can have up to 40% protein and is quite nutrition in other ways too. I guess it depends on the quality of the duckweed they are getting. the higher the total nitrogen the higher the protein content :). In saying that I'm not a fish dietitian though, lol...

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