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WC 30.05.16

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95% wc done.I think I was panicking about the mid week water changes as params were fine. I have been worried only cos Ive been having floaty issues with Tom after feeding.

Todays Params:

Nitrate not too bad at 10ppm

Ph- 7.8 so happy with this

GH etc. still in good range

- Added 4 tsp of equilibrium and 1 tsp of bi-carb

About Toms floatyness, he has been doing this after feeding and gulping the surface...I have been reading an interesting thread where Shakaho brought up Biofilm .

I'm kind of thinking bio-film may be the catalyst for Toms enthusiasm with surface gulping and then developing buoyancy issues.

I initially thought it may have been because the temp in the house dropped 23C -19C overnight and food wasnt digesting. I did buy a heater which is great but didn't really help the surface gulping or floatyness :hummm.

After thinking a bit more, understanding biofilm and watching Toms behaviour I realised that I had quite a few bubbles across the surface of my tank, it does not have a massive surface area. :idea Maybe being attracted to the surface for the biofilm Tom was actually digesting the bubbles and getting air in his tummy which then caused the buoyancy problem and colic...so I went with that.

-First I thought id move the bubble curtain back under the water flow from the filter, to break up the bubbles before they traveled over the surface (I had it here initially before the prob started). This did reduce the bubbles on the surface but Tom was so addicted at this point it was still enough to make him floaty, because he was now looking for the bubbles :wacko: . Little tiger.

-Second thought i would need to get a surface skimmer to suck in the bubbles (and biofilm), I dont want to remove the bubble curtain as i need it for water clarity. So I purchased a relatively cheap skimmer that attaches to the canister inflow. Still waiting for this...

-Third thought, as Koko keeps banging on about duckweed...i would get duckweed so that Tom would eat this before bubbles...I have to order duckweed online so went to my local golf course pond and trimmed off some of their Foxtail? growing above the water :peeka . My thinking with trimming the weed that was not in the water meant it would have no water pathogens on it :idont that way I could put them in the tank straight away... after a good wash :whistle:o.

The Foxtail has done a brilliant job as a bubble buffer, breaking them before they cover the surface and Tom can't eat the bubbles :clapping:

So far so good, at first there was a bit of residual floatyness. Now after two days sobber :teehee no floatyness after eating :rockon

I really hope this is the key for Tom :please

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