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WC 22.05.16



90% wc done. A couple of days later than usual...again :no:

I'm thinking midweek wc may have to start, just to be on the safe side.


- Params ok

Nitrate not great at 10-15ppm :yikes

Ph- 7.8 so happy with this

GH etc. still in good range

- Added 4 tsp of equilibrium and 1 tsp of bi-carb

- Cleaned out the canister filter (gross)

Have bought a heater for the tank because I think the temp is fluctuating to much. We have had a bit of constipation/buoyancy issues with Tom that go away after fasting :idont.

The house heater gets turned off at night (goes from 23 C-19 C overnight).

Ideally I'd like to have a constant 23C in the tank.



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