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WC 11/05/2016

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80% wc done today. A couple of days later than usual :no:

WC was also done on the 2.5.2016 but didn't have time to record it :thumbdown

At this wc I reduced the bi-carb added to 1tsp (last time I added 1.5tsp, Ph was 8)

Any ho, today:

- Params ok

Nitrate not great at 10-15ppm :yikes

Ph- 7.8 so happy with this (adding less bicarb has helped this) :rolleyes:

GH etc. still in good range

- Added 4 tsp of equilibrium and 1 tsp of bi-carb

- Cleaned the front bottom and side surfaces of the tank

- Cleaned up the Anubis and Java Ferns by wiping down with microfiber cloth (trimmed some roots off Anubis)

Everyone is great and growing, Im thinking Ill do a weigh in next wc :r030: I'm sure Tom has nearly doubled in size, likewise Mr Eyes. Tom is definitely getting a more chunky rectangular look about him and more wen growth. Mr Eyes is getting BIGGER EYES :yikes . Speckles is growing too but not as obviously like the others as he is bigger.

Till next time :hi

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