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Params 26.04.16



Checking all the Parameters today after adding Tom into the main tank a few days ago.

Ph- 8.0

Ammonia- 0

Nitrite- 0

Nitrate- 0 - 2.5

KH- (5 drops) 89.5ppm

GH- (9 drops) 161.1ppm

I'm really quite happy with these results, especially the Nitrate, its looking like weekly water changes will be fine for the time being. I'll need to keep track of the nitrate as overtime with the fish growing this will increase.

Ph I could have this slightly lower, I wont add quite as much bi-carb next couple of water changes.

GH great this is just where I want it yay!

All the kids are looking really happy and Speckles and Mr Eyes are really enjoying Toms company. Tom is tiny but I'm sure he will catch the others soon enough :wub:


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