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WC 23/04/2016

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100% wc done.

- Params good

- Added 4 tsp of equilibrium and 1.5 tsp of bi-carb

- Cleaned out the canister filter

- Cleaned out the whole tank

- Cleaned up the Anubis and Java Ferns (trimmed the roots and wiped down Anubis with microfiber cloth, trimmed cruddy leaves off the Java)

- Introduced Tom to the main tank :happydance

Everyone seems good for a 100% WC/canister and everything clean with a new intruder. All 3 are investigating the tank after a 15minute "I'm staying still to protect myself" moment.

Although Mr Eyes was his usual "I have no problems" attitude cruising around trying to encourage the other two to join in the investigations.

As I'm thinking this entry is over, Speckles and Mr Eyes are up at the front of the tank asking for noms :feedme! So all good.

Tom is still trying to process the new location and hanging out at the back of the tank, I'm nervous for him/her.

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