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Color A-Comin'!



I promise I'll take pics of the fry soon. Their transformation in the last week has been astounding! About half of the previously all-white fry have developed black spots, so hooray -- Dalmatians! And I'm starting to see the belly curve developing on many of them, so it appears the majority of them will indeed be balloons.

Still feeding the NLS fry food and baby brine shrimp exclusively, though I think they're almost big enough to start picking at some regular thawed brine shrimp soon. They eat like nobody's business!

There are several runts, but they're holding their own and continuing to grow, just more slowly than the rest. My favorite LFS has agreed to take whichever ones i don't keep once they're a few months old and colored up nicely, so it's a relief to know they'll have somewhere to go. I'd love to keep them all, but I'd need the world's biggest tank to do it (and for them to cease all breeding activity, which ain't gonna happen, ha!).


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I got baby Dalmatian molly babies in the pond. So tiny and cute.

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I managed to save a few balloon molly fry born on Valentine's day. 3 made it in their community tank and one is a full dalmation. They are so cute :)  I love your profile pic by the way.  I have a balloon molly named Selma that looks exactly like that.  The mollies always rush to the tank when I walk by, kinda like the goldies.  They love the food.

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