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Which ingredients are okay to use?



When I started researching what foods to put into my gel food the amount of information was overwhelming. Was I really ready to become some kind of amateur goldfish nutritionist?

I had to ask myself "why am I doing this?" and the answer was because I wanted the best food for my fish. I wanted to feed them organic, live plant based foods as a supplement to pellets. I wanted to vary the ingredients occasionally while still ensuring that their nutritional needs were being met.

I would see a dozen recipes for gel-food that included spinach and broccoli, then read somewhere else to avoid spinach and broccoli. Giving my fish fruit treats sounded fun for us both, but then I read that they couldn't digest sugar well. It was clear that I would have to educate myself somewhat if I was going to have my own opinions on this apparently confusing and controversial subject.

I'm new to making gel-food, and no expert. "I'm only 10 minutes ahead of you", as my IT colleague used to joke when I'd ask him a technical question. Or you might be a biologist in a fish-lab somewhere - and are :doh11:-ing your way through my goldfish food blog. I'm just posting this as a trail of breadcrumbs marking my path on what I find interesting, confusing or useful.

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