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5. Boil the agar agar and/or Repashy




You’ll have at least 1.5 cups of reserved water. Add enough filtered or bottled mountain spring water to make 2 cups.

Heat in pot with 2 tablespoons of agar agar until boiling. Reduce heat and barely simmer for 5 minutes until agar thickens.

Add the 2/3 cups(70g) of Repashy's Soilent Green. Mix well while still on heat. Remove from heat and immediately mix with your homemade vegetable, fruit and grain mash.

Mix again in food processor IF you have room AND it is cool enough. I ended up using the big mixing bowl of my stand mixer to incorporate the hot gel with the veggie mash.


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I was out of Repashy. Instead I  ground up 50g /1/2 cup of Goldfish Connections' Salad Supreme which is no longer available. (Ingredients: Human grade kelp, algae, spirulina, fresh krill, cod, herring, salmon eggs and more.)  


I increased the amount of agar agar by a tablespoon (20g) and found that the extra  agar agar alone and a bit of koi clay did fine at holding the gel food together in the water, even better than with the Repashy. I'll be adding more agar agar in my future batches.



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