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1. Gather your ingredients



A few days before I'm going to make gel food I start collecting the fresh ingredients like kale. Take stock of what you're going to use and pull it off the shelves. Check the ingredients in your fridge/freezer.


If I'm missing anything it might mean a trip to the store. You don't want to discover that you're out in the middle of mixing up a batch. For example, in this case I had edamame but it wasn't organic. I needed to buy wheat germ as well.

This is also a good time to decide what exactly you're going to add to your gel food and why.

Many goldfish owners add fresh or canned fish to their gel foods. If your fish are outside in a pond, they may not need the extra protein. Agar agar is supposed to be good for fish with swim bladder problems. If you don't want your goldfish to lose the natural carp fry olive-metallic color, you may want to avoid commercial and natural foods high in carotenoids like beta-carotene, astaxanthin and canthaxanthin.

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Today I was out of kale and spinach. I substituted organic peas, beet tops and broccoli. 




Beet tops cooking with broccoli to soften.






Organic carrot, peas, edamame and oatmeal - cooked and drained.



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