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Notes to Self and Such Things.



7 days left of MMs for Tsumo after today. I can't wait until he finishes! He looks 110% since the MMs have taken what I believe to be complete care of his swim bladder. Then he will go back into the pond, with a week of Jumpstart for all fish.

I am going to start making the following mix as soon as the food arrives, in order of greatest to least in terms of ingredients:


NLS Thera + A 1mm


That will make an okay daily dry staple, I think. I just plan on mixing them all together in a container weighed out for an average feeding for everyone in the pond.

I will be supplementing often, likely with all of the following being rotated throughout the week, maybe once or twice a day:

Frozen Blood Worms

GC Seafood Flakes

Sushi Nori

Super Green with Fresh Garlic

I have resolved to try and stay away from land-plant-products and see if it does anything for them. (I know, the food has some but not a whole ton.) I want to see some awesome growth on Ladybug in the coming months, as well as some good conditioning in my males.

Oh, and as soon as Tsumo is back in the pond I can begin the Psychology data collection/analysis process. So I can videotape each daily session with all of the fish.


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