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They're Coming!



There has been no real movement on my cycle since my last post. It sure is being stubborn. My nitrites just don't seem to want to move past .25ppm and my nitrates are breaking 5ppm, but barely. Talk about slow going!

That said, my Plan B has changed from a bucket to bucket system, to a fish-in cycle. After weighing options with the kokonuts, I feel confident that with daily testing and large water changes, the fishies won't really be stressed out. I'm also happy that this will avoid the need to have 3 large bodies of water in my living room so I'm not that super crazy fish lady... just a regular crazy fish lady :krazy:

Also, the calico pearlscale that Steve was monitoring got worse and we had to cancel the order for her. I was bummed about it, but thankful that he is so forthcoming and really cares about the health of the fish and that his customers are happy. Ideally, I wanted to substitute her for another goldie from Steve so I could get all 3 at once, QT them together, and have a closed system. His fish are gorgeous, but the few I was interested in had sold, and after stalking his site, I haven't found "the" goldfish yet.

I decided to proceed only with the two goldies I had already ordered (a cute blue oranda and an adorable ranchu with dorsal) and not force a third. The final goldie to complete the trio will will happen when it happens. I will most definitely keep stalking his website because I can't help myself.

All things considered, I'm pretty pleased. Although 3 goldies all at once would have been cool, having only 2 is gonna be cool too because that means more water per goldfish while I cycle... which means less stress for me. Hooray!

AND they will be arriving on Friday, 2/7/2014 :happydance

Now that I'm doing a fish-in cycle, I just need to finalize my game plan so I am completely prepared when they get here. I already have food, enough Prime, and baking soda for my KH, but I'd like to get a good idea about the water temperature, how often to dose the Prime considering the state of my tap water, and I need to finish getting the tank decorations setup.

ZOMG! It's happening :D


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