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2014: My Setup




So 2014 is upon us and I have lots to catch up on. First of all I have given up on housing my goldfish in aquariums and have opted for the gorgeous indoor pond setup you see above, along with my little duckweed-growing operation. (I need to get some heaters for those tubs...)

Here are the pond specs:

Total volume: ~70 US Gallons

  • Pond: Galvanized stock tank from Tractor Supply. Dimensions are 48"x24"x12", which comes to ~50 US Gallons in water volume.
    • Pond liner is inside it despite it being a watering tank, as the galvanization actually oxidized where I had a bubble wand sitting on it over my Christmas vacation. (Dumb move. Sorry for not listening and lining it earlier, Alex!) There's actually a lot of liner left over, but I haven't cut it off of the main piece yet because I don't know what to do with it.

    [*]Filter: Indoor/outdoor plastic planter from Lowe's turned into a DIY Pond Filter. It has a 15" internal diameter, and holds roughly 20g of water when filled to the area just above the tops of the outflows.

    • It is attached to a 265gph fountain pump from Harbor Freight, that sits in the stock tank. (Best place for pumps, by the way! So cheap.) If anyone wants to build this filter, please visit Koko's and look up Shakaho's DIY filter threads in the DIY section. I used a similar setup to her filter made from a household trash bin. There are two outflows on this because one wasn't enough to stop the filter from overflowing. It worked out great because now there are different methods of aeration going on there, bringing lots of oxygen to my fish. :)

    • The filter houses a bunch of different sponge medias, XL Bioballs, and pod scrubbies, all stuck in shower poufs that have been unraveled. Shower poufs are just made up of lots of mesh tubes, so you just put the media inside and tie the ends to make some great quick media bags for larger media. The very top layer is super fine filter padding, which is actually washable.

    [*]Misc bits in the pond and filter: Aqueon Pro Heater, little cute geranium fridge clips to hold the bamboo and Kyoto fern on the edge of the filter, rubber bands where necessary, cheap vinyl tubing, clamps, plastic mesh, rocks to weight down the fiber.

    [*]Plant list:

    • Filter
      • Bamboo
      • Kyoto Fern
      • Java Moss on one of the rocks


      • Dwarf Red Tiger Lotus
      • Dwarf lily
      • Marimo Moss
      • Aponogenton Bovinianus
      • Some sort of giant val... I forget
      • Small breed of anubias
      • Tiny spiral val

This pond is indoors right now, but when I move home for the summer I will be bringing it home and putting it outside for those few months so that the fish can have a taste of the outdoor life!

My Duckweed Farm there to the far left consists of two tubs with water and duckweed, sat underneath two cheap grow lights from Menards, which my stepdad rigged up hoods for to stick on my 55g when I had it. I am really happy that I still got to use the hoods, because they were a project my stepdad and I put time into together to design and build. The fish love to eat the duckweed and it is usually gone in minutes, so I had to find a way to grow it for them efficiently. Like I said above, I need to get some heaters to make the plant grow a little more quickly, since the fish eat this stuff every day and it is so good for them.


(Like my zebra night pants? LOL)

Now that I have this up, can I refer everyone to it when asked about my setup?

Oh yes, and go check out my first GoPro video, and the beginning of my Weekend Water Change series. :)

[Note, this has been reposted from my BlogSpot Blog.]


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Thanks Chelsea - I was really curious about your set up after seeing your water change video last night on YouTube. I wasn't sure I could believe what I thought I was seeing. Those are lucky fish for sure.

Now that I have this up, can I refer everyone to it when asked about my setup?


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Thank you. :)

Haha yes you can believe what you saw, I have a pond in my living room. :rofl The goldies are very happy and my roommates love it. They find it relaxing and we often spend evenings together in the living room now because we can just listen to the little waterfalls.

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How odd about the bubble wand I never had issues with my galvanized pond oxidizing.

It looks good though

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How odd about the bubble wand I never had issues with my galvanized pond oxidizing. It looks good though

Thank you, Gus. :heart

I believe it was due to it being pressed and held in place on the bottom of the pond for over a month. The slick surface is now rough and has no coating anymore where the wand sat. Oh well, it's nothing that a liner couldn't fix! :)

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