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Nitrates Nitrates Nitrates!



Awwwwwww yeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh! <--- Can you tell I'm excited?!

Tested the tank again last night and I totally have between 5-10 ppm nitrates. Wahoo!


Please excuse the peeling/chipped nail polish. Normally I'm very anal about my nails... except for last night.

I am so happy about having some nitrates. That means I am sooooooo close :D

I added more ammonia and am currently at 1ppm+ ammonia, .25ppm nitrate, and 5-10ppm (closer to 5) nitrate.

I'm going to keep feeding the tank so I can beef everything up and better establish my good bacteria, but overall, I am super happy. I thought it would take a little longer before I even started showing nitrates, so I am very pleased at the moment.

Hooray progress!


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Thank you! I hope so too. I did more testing last night and added 3ml of ammonia and I'm back to 2-4ppm ammonia so hopefully over the next week, my nitrates will grow :)

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Thanks Georgia! I already have my goldies picked out!!! :D Whoot! 1 oranda, 1 pearlscale (without the pearls) and 1 ranchu (with a dorsal). I'm super stoked about it too. They are Rain Garden goldfish and the owner has been kind enough to hold onto them until my tank is fully cycled. I haven't tested the tank in a few days due to the Holiday crazyness, but I'm hopeful those bbs have made some more progress. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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