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Ready to Go



I finally have the 65 gallon setup and ready to go... mostly :)

This week was very productive. Over the weekend I disinfected/sterilized the tank, canister filter, and plastic bio balls; boiled the ceramic rings and left everything out to dry. Once everything was dry, I picked up some new vinyl tubing for the canister and started the process of re-assembling.

I have two Marineland C-360 canister filters, but I decided to use only one right now, which offers 360 gallons per hour, slightly over 5x filtration. It comes standard with filter foam, carbon filter bags, plastic bio balls, ceramic rings, and filter floss. I got rid of the carbon bags and am instead using that space for 1 liter of Seachem Matrix. Hooray MOAR media! Since this sucker is large capacity and houses quite a bit of media (with more room for additional ceramic rings), I think this will be sufficient filtration. Of course, more filtration never hurts so I may end up adding that second canister anyway. We'll see.

Anywho... I'm ready to go!

I have the tank filled, canister assembled and running, an air stone bubbling away, and a heater that has the temp at 80.6... nice and toasty to get the ball rolling. I added 4 ppm of ammonia and now I get to sit back and..... wait. This has to be the hardest part. I want to test the water every day to see if by some magic, testing the ammonia level will speed up the cycling process <-- yeah right!

So it looks like I will have some down time while I patiently wait for the cycle to do its thing. I think I'll start by re-testing my tap water. Who am I kidding?! Right after I post this I'm sure I will be surfing koko's and looking at everyone's cute fishies.

Let the cycling begin!


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I'm just coming to the end of my cycle, it was not easy waiting. Good luck with yours!

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