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Weigh In!



Had a weigh in just now!!

July 3, 2013

Basil: 65.4 g (there is a question mark in my journal by this one)

Baby: 82.5 g

Cilantro: 15.4 g

Cupid: 8.5 g

Lemon Pepper: 33.5

August 25, 2013

Basil: 56.5 g ( :o )

Baby: 89.4 g

Cilantro: 19.5 g

Cupid: 10.4 g :happydance:Jig::clapping:

Lemon Pepper: 40.5 g

Not sure what's up with Basil. I think last time I weighed him the scale went wonky because there is a question mark by that one in my journal. I weighed him twice this time and this is what I got... I'm not too worried I think that this weigh in is more accurate.

CUPID FINALLY GAINED WEIGHT!!!! :Jig: He was at almost 10g in May and went to 8.5 in July ( :o ) and now he's back a 10.4 g. I keep thinking he's still too small and he is small but he seems to be growing in height instead of length first? Maybe he's got some Ryukin in him? :idont


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