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Not So Common Girl



I have always felt that I am a common girl. Okay that's quite far from the truth in terms of personality because I am often described as "quirky" or "eccentric" and (behind my back I am sure) just plain strange. In a lovable way, of course! But, in terms of goldfish I have only ever had commons. I had one for 20 years and when I was a teenager, I had three fish tanks in my little bedroom (and two rat cages but that is a whole different blog.) I had one fancy fish for about one day and it died right away. I always felt that the fancy fish were beyond my taste and ability. Now that I have moved my commons from my bedroom to the living room, in their 55 gallon tank, I realize that my bedroom is sort of quite and lonely. Okay, not that lonely, since I am surrounded by dogs at all times, but finned loneliness.I have wanted to get some black moors for some time and have been casing the local chain store deciding on which fish to pick. Every other day there were fewer and fewer of them. Last week I was talking to "my fish guy" there and he told me they were having a hard time keeping them alive. One look a the tank and there was the classic over stocked and complete encyclopedia of goldfish illnesses. They were down to three moors. I was only planning on two but the sort of brown one with gold dragon type eyes was not looking so good. I already had the QT tank cleaned and ready to go so they came home with me. I have had them for a week and oh my are they different than commons. First of all, they are little (about an inch and a half) and all three are so excitable and curious. They swim funny, by my standards, with their little shimmy. They love searching the bottom of the tank. They follow each other around like a little gang. They love food. Their little mouths are so darn cute I just can't stand it. When they sleep they look as if they are suspended in air, blissfully. They are in the Prazi/salt process and even after a day or two they have started to look healthier, fins not torn, white spots gone. I just can't wait to get them into their new Zen themed tank. So, instroducing my first time, not so common moors...It's a little blurry but THEY NEVER STOP MOVING!!! I have added a pic of my not so common commons as well. Jumbo and Bumps are visible, Midge is blocked by Jumbo's 13" of pure fish!



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They look beautiful. Sounds like they are lucky to be with someone who loves them so much :).

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