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Got people coming to look at the house

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Today and again tomorrow. So maybe we well move after all. I would love to be out of the city.

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Is your house up for sale? I think I missed that part. If it is, best of luck with that!

Hopefully if you move, you get to go somewhere awesome for you and your finned and feathered friends. :)

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Well they didn't show up but said they would come today. Still have not showed up. I hate when people do that.

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Ya they did but last I heard he had to "talk to the wife" I know what that is code for. lol

I have been so stressed since I had strangers in my house worried they were casing the place to rob me. Don't think Ill be moving any time soon unless I can move then sell my house. That way none of my parrots or my computer is in the house to get stolen.

I am a wreck and can't stand to leave the house right now. I just worry.

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