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"Measured" The fishies! :) (held them in my hand) Pix! :)

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Tonight i (very nervously) handled the fishies for the first time! (I washed my hands better than ever before before i reached in!) I want to be able to see how much they grow compared to my hand :)

Here are the (really bad) pictures! :)

(April 30, 2012)

Bert! (not too hard to catch :) )



Ernie! (nearly impossible to catch! fast little dude!)



Sorry the pics are so bad! better ones next time, i promise! :)

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Nice! I'm surprised how much bigger bert is compared to ernie! Ernie needs to bulk up :D

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don't worry. i didn't hold them out for too long :) and i kept them halfway in the water if you can tell :) i made sure their mouths were under

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Aww, they are cuties!

I catch my fish and look them over at every water change. A couple are calm when I do, but most of them hate it.

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Thanks you guys!! I love them :wub:

that's a great idea Shawn! I should do that :) do you worry that it stresses them out?

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they're beautiful mandie, and they've grown a bit too! :heart

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