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Updates on my goldies and betas!

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Weigh In!

Had a weigh in just now!!

July 3, 2013

Basil: 65.4 g (there is a question mark in my journal by this one)

Baby: 82.5 g

Cilantro: 15.4 g

Cupid: 8.5 g

Lemon Pepper: 33.5

August 25, 2013

Basil: 56.5 g ( :o )

Baby: 89.4 g

Cilantro: 19.5 g

Cupid: 10.4 g :happydance:Jig::clapping:

Lemon Pepper: 40.5 g

Not sure what's up with Basil. I think last time I weighed him the scale went wonky because there is a question mark by that one in my journal. I weighed him twice this time and this is what I got... I'm not too worried I think that this weigh in is more accurate.

CUPID FINALLY GAINED WEIGHT!!!! :Jig: He was at almost 10g in May and went to 8.5 in July ( :o ) and now he's back a 10.4 g. I keep thinking he's still too small and he is small but he seems to be growing in height instead of length first? Maybe he's got some Ryukin in him? :idont


So we have new critters for the 55 gallon! Nooo, they're not bettas yet but nerites!


Chelsea and I traded each other! She sent the snails and I ordered her a plant of her choice! I have decided to change their names because as Chels pointed out they don't know them :P

So here is Pooh:


And this is Tigger:


And lastly Eeyore (he was a little slower getting out of the bottle):


They are all doing their jobs well!




Snail trails!


And then!! This morning my plants came in! (kinda upset that I got mine before Chelsea got hers...I gave hers better shipping so it would get to her fast! :madrant )

I got some Crinum thaianum (onion plant) which I actually love more than the vals I think. The texture they bring to the tank is awesome so I hope they grow tall. I ordered six and got seven too!! :D


Then I ordered Hygrophila corymbosa. All the leaves kinda fell off when I picked it up but some are still on there that are really healthy looking! I hope I planted these right and that they do well. The ones with no roots worry me... :undecided:


I spy Pooh!

Here is the tank as of now! The little plants are growing back from the ammonia attack!! :D That I am so grateful for! I also see little sprouts of Vals so maybe I'll get some? :idont


Look at that Lucky Bamboo go! :o

So thus far I'm going to see how everything does these next few weeks. I might get one other plant to fill somewhere but I'm not sure because I'm hoping the Java Fern and Hydro will fill the tank fairly well. I want the tank to be full and lush!

I am adding a dose of excel every other day for this month to see how that goes. I might increase this to every day later :) I am also adding flourish for fertilizer twice a week.

Thanks for reading!! Any advice is welcome! :carrot:


Well... Darn.

Just an update on the planted 55.

Things are not doing well... The plants did not take well to the ammonia added for cycling. Everything looks pretty much dead. The Java Fern might make it... but yeah... pretty bummed.

The good news is Chelsea pointed out that I could use media from my gf tank to cycle when I'm ready (can anyone say DUH!!!)! So I'm going to start over probably. Now I know what does work in my water as long as I don't mess up anything with the water (as in AMMONIA) heh. I'll update when I place an order on plants.



So, it's time for an update on the 55 gallon sorority! Well, still not a sorority but I keep dreaming!

As of now, I have completely given up on having vals in my tank. For one I've read that they don't do well with Flourish Excel which I would really like to use and even when I stopped using the Excel they seem to not do well. At this point I have these little sprouts which is great but as I am going to use Excel again I don't expect much. In other words, the vals are on their own :rofl If they grow great if not oh well. :)



The dwarf clover is done for :( So I probably wont do a carpet but we'll see.. I do have one Crypt Retrospiralis that melted till it disappeared and now it's back and growing well actually! So we'll see how that goes!


I can't remember what the name of this plant is but I think it was either Crypt Parva or Hygrophila Corymbosa. I don't remember ordering the last one so I lean more towards the Crypt. According to PAC if it's the Crypt it will stay pretty small. We'll see the progress as this one has grown in the best out of everything!





I've added the Java Fern to put by the driftwood and it's doing well! The goldfish started eating the Java Fern so I actually ended up with double in the 55 gal. It turned out to be a good thing as the Anubias that were in the tank completely melted randomly after weeks of looking like they were the only thing that was going to make it. So, There is some Java Fern all around the tank now! It will be quite the jungle someday I'm sure!



Now I have the... Crypt Undulata. I think that is what this is. I there is the one that is growing well and the others are catching up! I'm hoping for more good growth now that Excel is back in the works!


These are the corner ones :)


This is Bolbitis Heudelotii (AKA African Water Fern) but I really don't even know if it's growing to be honest. I've left it in there for now as it's also not dying. If I don't see growth soon I might move a Crypt Undulata to that spot instead.


The moss on the driftwood is brown on top and green under. I've never worked with moss so I have no idea if this is normal or if it's just dead... :idont


Here is the whole tank as of now:


I'm just letting the brown algea take over the back wall and right wall. Future plans for the tank are getting some Crinum Thaianum (AKA onion plant) to replace the possibly all dead vals and also to get some more Crypt Retrospiralis :) I hoping these will be strong enough to make it and add some much needed height to the tank!

Thanks for reading!!


So I cleaned up the mess of melting vals today and was left with this:


Is this kind of melting normal for vals? What has your guy's experience been?

I am happy to say that I think I'm starting to see some growing in the first batch of vals I had! This guys is looking greener and seems to be getting taller butI'll see when I get back from my trip if it's true.


I'm also keeping an eye on the last dwarf four leaf clover. I see little green leaves poping up but they havent grown much in awhile I think... :/


Anywho, thanks for reading!


The Move In!

About a week ago everyone was finally added together! Here is a video of their first day together along with some pictures!! :D

Best friends back together!


Zooming around getting to know each other!


"This is way bigger than that other tank!"


I also got some Java Fern from Planted Aquariums Central but they of course have decided to eat them. I think only Anubias are gonna work with these guys. Here is when the Java Ferns were first added:

A little one behind the Anubia


And two more on the other side of the tank.


I'm really hoping I will not have to rehome them somewhere in the 55 gal. Angie will probably disagree but I think I'm running out of room in there :o


Alright, here is the before picture. I had cleaned up the vals and cut off the dead stuff leaving barely any val leaves after that. I have left them in still however, just to see if I get growth!


I did order replacement vals though to see how they do without the Excel :) I also ordered Java Fern to put by the driftwood covered in moss :)




I don't think that the Dwarf Four Leaf Clover is going to make it. I'm down to one little guy that is still showing some growth the others tried but didn't make it in the long run :(

I also found some decor for the shelves! The little plate says:

"Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is a mystery

Today is gift"

-Eleanor Roosevelt




I didn't know that Vallisneria Spiralis cannot handle Florish Excel... So hopefully I didn't kill them all the way and they'll grow back.. :no: It seems to have had the same effect on my Cryptocoryne retrospiralis so I'm crossing my fingers I get some growth now that I have done a clean up and WC...

The Bacopa Carolina died as well.. Really not a good start for me :o and I didn't really like the floating ancharis so the goldfish got some :feedme

So I'm going to wait for growth for a month or so and see what I get then I'll decide on what to try next.

I'm thinking maybe to replace the three Bacopa Carolina I had in there I'll get on nice Java Fern.. or Cryptocoryne parva... Not sure..

If everything is dead I'll get more Vals and try again probably won't replace the retrospiralis crypts though.

it looks like the crypt undulata and crypt wendtii are bouncing back. I continue to see new growth in the dwarf four leaf clovers and the moss is doing alright on the driftwood. The anubias are so hardy that they don't seem to be effected by anything!

Just a rough start for a newbie... :cry


I found old pictures of Baby and Basil and thought you'd like to see them from a few months ago when I first found Koko's!

Baby before:


Baby after:


Basil before:


Basil after:


There are changes in color in the both of them but you can't see much in Baby. Both look so dull in color in their other tank. It was a 10 galon tank and they only ate flakes. Once they were put in the 20 gallon and started eating ProGold Basil started changing! I love that fish change because it keeps you on your toes... They are doing so much better in the 110 gallon. They are bright in color, well fed, and happy!

I'd like to mention that LP is doing much better in his QT now. I haven't seen any bottom sitting and he's always ready for food. If you'd like to follow his progress this is my QT thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/110138-mels-hopefully-smooth-qt/

Thanks for reading!


Well the plants came!! :happydance I got tons maybe too many? I'm not sure as this is my first heavily planted tank :)

First, I paint the background black:


I bought some rocks, and black plant substrate:



And of course the plants!! :D


And my lighting equipment:


With everything gathered I started at it and ended up with this:


But I didn't like it like that so I rearranged it this morning:





I didn't use all the rocks obviously and some of the plants ended just being goldfish snacks :P But I like it and can't wait to see it grow. Hopefully everything makes it :unsure:

Thanks for reading!



Hi everyone! I decided to start my own little blog to update on my 110 gallon goldfish tank and my 55 gallon betta sorority!

I'll just introduce my goldies today and show you my empty 55 gallon pics!

From left to right we have Baby, Basil, Cilantro, and Cupid:


Baby and Basil I've had for probably two years. Cilantro (Cil) and Cupid I've had for about 2 months.

This is the newest addition, Lemon Pepper (LP):


I've only had him for 4 days and he will be in QT for a month!

The beta tank is in the making so you'll get updates as I complete each step!


The tank has been resealed, sanitized, and scrubed of hard water crusties! Now I'm waiting for all the plants I ordered to come in the mail and then I'll start planting!! :D

Thanks for reading!

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