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Sold 150 gallon tank

We needed the space.  The central air has quit for good this time.  So got a second window unit.  Had to move the 125 but it can't stay where it is so sold the 150 and well move the 125 to that spot soon.  Might wait till after Christmas so we can put up a big tree one last time.  Fish in 150 got moved to other tanks or one of the big outdoor ponds.  


This is weird

So Luke my blue oranda has a white spot on his head the size of a pea.  I moved him to the outside pond and it goes away.  I move him back inside and in a few days it is back.  The only difference between inside and outside is the temp of the water.  He well have to come in for the winter wonder if I should QT him in the 16 gallon planted tank and find a way to treat what ever it is on his head.  Looks like a fungus but never gets bigger.  Time for some research.


Two new goldfish

My blue oranda is in the pond with Fish and Pond. Moving him back into house late fall.  Have three fish in the 125 Speckles, Bows and Luna.  Bought two new calico fantails yesterday.  Been calling them Sugar and Spice.  I think that may stick. They are in my 17 gallon tank.  Will move them to big tank in a few days.  That tank is up for sale. Just have plants and snails in it.  That well have me down to four tanks.  Split 10 gallon with bettas, 150 oscar tank, 125 goldfish tank and my 29 gallon saltwater.  I also still have my very small 55 gallon pond outside.


75 gallon

Was not doing well at all. Rehomed fish moved some into other tanks shut down tank. Up for sale. My bedroom looks huge with it gone.


I posted this but want it somewhere I can find with ease.

Luke is .7 oz

Luna is 1.9 oz She sure seems bigger then that. I have had her for over three years she should be bigger. Anyways maybe the pond for the summer well do the trick. I know it well keep her from being harassed but 3 to 5 males. lol


Starting by draining remove all fish some going to the 125 with the goldfish for a few weeks. The ones the goldfish can eat well go to my 20 gallon. I will remove everything from the tank. Some plants going to the goldfish tank some in the five gallon. All the duckweed I can get out well go in the 20 gallon.

Then I am going to mess around with my large piece of driftwood to see the best way to put it in.

Once that is decided going to add dirt and gravel on top then fill. Add back some duckweed. Then do daily 100% water changes for about a week to get all tanning and such out of the tank.

First of Jan. I well replant the tank and start moving fish back into the tank.

Picture of tank as is now.



Still no sign of her in the pond and the barn cat has been drinking from the pond. So I think the cat got her. Poor Googles.

I sucked up Luna in the python. She looks ok so far. Once I finish the water change I can turn on the light and get a better look at her.


The plants are not doing well in the 150. The parrot fish had to be split up cause not enough room I believe. So thinking move the goldfish to the 60 gallon and 75 gallon. Move plants to the 75 gallon. Move oscars and parrot fish back to the 150 gallon.

Plan one

60 gallon would have four goldfish with rubber lip.

75 would have four goldfish, the upside down catfish and BN pleco. Or five smallest goldfish with the cats and put the BN in the 20 gallon.

Plan two

60 gallon the three largest with rubber lip.

75 gallon five smallest goldfish with the cats and put the BN in the 20 gallon.

Plan three

Or leave it as is. Move as many plants from the 150 to the 20 and rest to pond. Let the 150 be plant-less. And this would also mean I don't have to worry about reaching the bottom. This sounds the easiest and my fish stay in the living room.

Plan four

rehome oscars and parrot fish turn it into planted tropical with angelfish and shut down the 60 gallon and 20 gallon tanks. Hubby does not like this idea but I do most the work so it is up to me.


glofish danios

No idea what happened. The all looked fine up till the second I would find them dead. The endler in the tank with them is still fine, the three ottos and so are the frogs. Water tested fine but I still did daily 20 percent water changes.

Added my betta to the tank and shut down the 5 gallon.

May add one more frog and a couple more endlers if the betta keeps ignoring the one I have.



I think something got Googles from the pond. He is not in there anywhere. She was there last week for water change but not this week.

RIP Little Googles.

Not ready to put this in obits till I am 100% You know how sometimes they appear out of no where.



Buttons 2.2 oz

Bows 1 oz

Sparkles 1.2 oz

Ru .9 oz

Winnie .7 oz

Kenya .7 oz

Luna 1.4 oz

Since I cant see them growing maybe when I weight them in about 6 months I well see weight gain.

Googles the pond fish.

.8 oz Hoping to see a lot of growth on him.


Still good

Buttons is almost healed up. Just a tad pink on his tail.

Luna is still doing well in the pond. Might move Googles in there too so s/he can grow and compete better with the other goldfish and so Luna will have company.

I am so relieved they are all doing so much better.


No water changes for two days. WOOT. lol The parrot fish are now happy and in my 60 gallon. Need to get a couple large clay pots to make them completely happy.

Luna the oranda is doing well in the frog pond. Wonder how much she well grow before fall when I move her inside....

Googles aka Blinky has me a bit worried. S/he might be blind. Gets some food but not near as much as the others.

I had not intentions of changing Blinky's name but for some reason I keep saying Googles. So guess I did change the name.


To many troubles

Ok so Bows and Ru are males. And they are chasing Luna so thats why her tail is split. So she is in the pond with the tadpols before they make her crazy. That means I now have four males out of 8. Guess she stays in the pond till they are feeling less male. lol


Now I am having some issues in the 75 gallon. The 150 and 75 were the ones that got large water changes Friday. Problem with 150 started the next day. Now there is a problem in the 75 gallon. So thinking the water was contaminated with something when I did water change Friday. Something that I can't test for with my test kit.

150 is fine now. Well keep testing. I am doing a 90 percent water change on the 75 now and believe it well be fine when that is done but well keep checking.

I also have my UV filter in the 150. I hope I wont need one for the 75. Or the 60.


Test today showed really high nitrates. So doing a 90 percent water change and cleaning filters. I also am adding my UV light until whatever this is with Buttons and Luna is gone. Other then blood showing in their fins they are all still very active and eating. Might be adding my long planter back in with plants to help get this tank cycled again.

Got to go to pet store tomorrow for more prime tomorrow.

Shimmer and Blinky are in the rubber maid tub and doing well.


Luna now has blood on her tail and it is split. What ever it most likely were in there with the oscars. They were just imune to it from being in the tank so long.

I took Buttons out and added him back. I tested the water once again it is fine. (since this is not D&D I wont post them.) They are within range. So I am thinking either something was in the tank or the stress of the move gave them infections, Did a 30 percent water change anyways.

Have them all on metro meds and going to do 30% water change daily. The only thing is it takes a long time for fins to clear up so not sure how I well know if they are better or not. Maybe do 10 day metro meds.

So cleaned out qt tub and have it reset up for the Shimmer and Blinky. They well go there till I am sure this thing is gone in the big tank.

Fish are active and eating very well.


His tail fin is really bloody looking. Possible some red on his sides too. He is in QT with melafix and metro meds. All others in the tank look great. But did a water change even though I just did one Friday.


I want my fish to be big

But then again with five maybe I should be happy with just a little bigger for the little ones and the larger ones stay the size they are. lol

Fortantly so far both my fantails are way under the average but Bows is still young. However now that Buttons is growing fins he may be pretty much as big as he well get body wise. Luna too since she seems to have halted and at much smaller then average size.

Only LFS fish I remember ever getting big was my fantail Sunrise and Mongo that was big when I got him.. All the rest stayed smallish. Only other big fish were ones I ordered online and none of those lived more then a year.

Sunrise. He was moved to a pond. Gone now. But never forgotten.


Mongo only had him about year or so. So miss this fish.


He was the closest I ever come to my dream fish.


The page I borrowed this from is gone now. So if it needs to be removed I understand.

Just being melancholy.