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  1. We needed the space.  The central air has quit for good this time.  So got a second window unit.  Had to move the 125 but it can't stay where it is so sold the 150 and well move the 125 to that spot soon.  Might wait till after Christmas so we can put up a big tree one last time.  Fish in 150 got moved to other tanks or one of the big outdoor ponds.  

  2. bodoba
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    I mainly used this blog for QT but I think I'm going to start using it for thoughts now.


    Living in Canada puts me at a serious disadvantage when it comes to purchasing fish. The weather and rural distance does not allow me an opportunistic approach for receiving fish. The weather is too brutal, no matter how many precautions are taken, to ensure a fish would be received with quality of health. The fish that I have raised that were bred here are quite hearty and I do believe that breeding locally is the only way to ensure the heartiness of the fish.

    Since we are planning to remodel our pond anyways, we plan to adapt it for the purposes of breeding. The last time I looked at the genetics I believe it was 5-7 generations before getting an approximation of the fish I want using a 1-2% holding rate each generation. 

    This is something that is becoming more possible in my current situation. I don't know if what I am looking for is something that is attributed to a breed particularly. For a while I wanted a veilteil/watonai thing. I know now I want rounded caudals, a thick peduncle, smooth arch in back. As for face features I am really unsure! The two things that crop up first when breeding single tails is the double tail and the telescope eye. I should be able to focus on getting either of those consistent for a while and focusing on the other 'health traits' I want.


    this dream of mine will projectedly take 10-15 years. 

  3. ahardeay
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    I think my pictures are too big off my phone to upload. I'll try and do it from my computer later. My two new ranchu in QT are healing up nicely. They had ulcers on their backs when I purchased them. The wounds were large and had fluffy white growth coming out of them. I did 1 tsp per gallon salt, with some methylene blue in the water, and I am feeding them a homemade kanaplex gel food. They look better every day and the wounds are turning into black coloring on their backs and closing up. The black will likely fade as they continue to heal. My new butterfly telescopes have been in good health, but then I accidentally almost killed them today ?. I was doing the water change and the python knocked the lid into the tank almost smashing them ☹️. They seem unharmed but I am keeping a watchful eye on them. 

  4. Ok, so for the last IDK...month maybe Ive been feeding the babies quite small amounts of pellet food (1-2 crushed) plus duckweed (~1tbl spoon).

    Anyway the thing is I would have loved to feed them more but the Ranchu especially Tom (whom now I think should be Tombellina) would start floating or head spinning/diving...very frustrating. The thing is it was not what i was feeding them so much as their desire to go to the surface to graze on bubbles and air after the food was gone :yikes , talk about desperadoes!

    I did have some success previously with plants on the surface buffering the bubbles from the bubbler, but the plants became messy and so on so I removed them.

    Hmmmmm :hummm

    Ok, so I cant turn the bubbler off completely cos my tank is taller than it is wide etc so need them for the air exchange in water (IDK, the deal is if i dont have bubbles I get green water :o)

    So, why not just turn the bubbles off when I feed them and leave it off for a bit until the feeding frenzy is over...well I did do this and fed them 2x 1cm cubes of gel food. Success no floating!!! :clapping: If I had fed this with the bubbles on there would have been floating for sure. Then for the second feed (this is the real test) I turned off the bubbles again, they got a pinch of 1mm pellets (~15-20pellets). Waited till they had stopped frantically feeding and grazing then turned the bubbles back on.

    Eureka!!! Still no floating!

    I really hope this continues because the floating is so stressful and I want to feed my water piggies what they need :).

  5. This vid was mainly made because I noticed JellBelly's color was changing more noticeably and I wanted to keep track.(Sooo excited I can see her eyes!)

    Added bonus was you can hear what the filters sound like underwater. lol The camera is almost leaning on the sponge filter behind it and there is an Aqueon 55/65 on the other side of the tank.

    Also, I added a Super size WonderShell on 10/11 around 12:30am , so only 5 days ago.

    Starburst: Red Thai Oranda(ECR)

    Honeydukes: Chinese Calico Ranchu(ECR)

    JellyBelly: Thai SVR(ECR)

    Good&Plenty: Black Thai Orandas(ECR)

    If you don't want to watch the whole thing, toward the end I take the camera out near the HOB filter, if you want to hear it. ;)

    I don't usually give them pellets right after bloodworms, only did it this time in an effort to get them back in front of the camera. ;)

    NLS Thera A 1mm sinking pellets.

    They usually get those during the day, plus NLS AlgaeMax 1mm sinking pellets.

    2 cubes of bloodworms at night.

    Just started feeding Nori on WC day.

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    So I got Tioku on November the 28th 2015 and he weighed 5 grams but we have been through a few things and I only have 1 pic from December 23rd so I will update asap :D


  6. Balloon mollies are fun, and I'm still growing out some of the babies from last year, but I just couldn't stay away from goldfish altogether. Last June (or was it July?) , they got another batch of baby tikus at the good LFS. Against my better instincts, I set up a tank for them and went for it, bringing home four, thinking that a couple would surely perish, and I'd manage to keep one or maybe two if I was very very lucky.

    I'm as shocked as anyone that, 8 months later, all four of the little boogers are alive and well and haven't had a single illness or mishap. No ich. No floatiness. And most importantly, no inexplicable deaths.

    I absolutely adore them and just couldn't be happier.


    Once the balloon mollies are grown, I'm going to have a spare tank. Keeping my eyes open for baby bubble eyes now. :wub:

  7. When I started researching what foods to put into my gel food the amount of information was overwhelming. Was I really ready to become some kind of amateur goldfish nutritionist?

    I had to ask myself "why am I doing this?" and the answer was because I wanted the best food for my fish. I wanted to feed them organic, live plant based foods as a supplement to pellets. I wanted to vary the ingredients occasionally while still ensuring that their nutritional needs were being met.

    I would see a dozen recipes for gel-food that included spinach and broccoli, then read somewhere else to avoid spinach and broccoli. Giving my fish fruit treats sounded fun for us both, but then I read that they couldn't digest sugar well. It was clear that I would have to educate myself somewhat if I was going to have my own opinions on this apparently confusing and controversial subject.

    I'm new to making gel-food, and no expert. "I'm only 10 minutes ahead of you", as my IT colleague used to joke when I'd ask him a technical question. Or you might be a biologist in a fish-lab somewhere - and are :doh11:-ing your way through my goldfish food blog. I'm just posting this as a trail of breadcrumbs marking my path on what I find interesting, confusing or useful.

    Go back

    STEP 1

  8. 7 days left of MMs for Tsumo after today. I can't wait until he finishes! He looks 110% since the MMs have taken what I believe to be complete care of his swim bladder. Then he will go back into the pond, with a week of Jumpstart for all fish.

    I am going to start making the following mix as soon as the food arrives, in order of greatest to least in terms of ingredients:


    NLS Thera + A 1mm


    That will make an okay daily dry staple, I think. I just plan on mixing them all together in a container weighed out for an average feeding for everyone in the pond.

    I will be supplementing often, likely with all of the following being rotated throughout the week, maybe once or twice a day:

    Frozen Blood Worms

    GC Seafood Flakes

    Sushi Nori

    Super Green with Fresh Garlic

    I have resolved to try and stay away from land-plant-products and see if it does anything for them. (I know, the food has some but not a whole ton.) I want to see some awesome growth on Ladybug in the coming months, as well as some good conditioning in my males.

    Oh, and as soon as Tsumo is back in the pond I can begin the Psychology data collection/analysis process. So I can videotape each daily session with all of the fish.

  9. amoonklein
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    There has been no real movement on my cycle since my last post. It sure is being stubborn. My nitrites just don't seem to want to move past .25ppm and my nitrates are breaking 5ppm, but barely. Talk about slow going!

    That said, my Plan B has changed from a bucket to bucket system, to a fish-in cycle. After weighing options with the kokonuts, I feel confident that with daily testing and large water changes, the fishies won't really be stressed out. I'm also happy that this will avoid the need to have 3 large bodies of water in my living room so I'm not that super crazy fish lady... just a regular crazy fish lady :krazy:

    Also, the calico pearlscale that Steve was monitoring got worse and we had to cancel the order for her. I was bummed about it, but thankful that he is so forthcoming and really cares about the health of the fish and that his customers are happy. Ideally, I wanted to substitute her for another goldie from Steve so I could get all 3 at once, QT them together, and have a closed system. His fish are gorgeous, but the few I was interested in had sold, and after stalking his site, I haven't found "the" goldfish yet.

    I decided to proceed only with the two goldies I had already ordered (a cute blue oranda and an adorable ranchu with dorsal) and not force a third. The final goldie to complete the trio will will happen when it happens. I will most definitely keep stalking his website because I can't help myself.

    All things considered, I'm pretty pleased. Although 3 goldies all at once would have been cool, having only 2 is gonna be cool too because that means more water per goldfish while I cycle... which means less stress for me. Hooray!

    AND they will be arriving on Friday, 2/7/2014 :happydance

    Now that I'm doing a fish-in cycle, I just need to finalize my game plan so I am completely prepared when they get here. I already have food, enough Prime, and baking soda for my KH, but I'd like to get a good idea about the water temperature, how often to dose the Prime considering the state of my tap water, and I need to finish getting the tank decorations setup.

    ZOMG! It's happening :D

  10. I made a little YouTube video for this update. I'm playing with the YouTube editor now so bare with me as I learn to make things look smoother :P

    Hope you enjoyed!

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    blog-0738998001376392957.jpgWorking on my Anubias collection :P

    The 55 gallon tank as of August 13th, 2013:


    Types of Anubias so far:

    *Anubias barteri var. glabra (aka Anubias lanceolata)

    *Anubias barteri var. nana

    *Anubias barteri var. nana 'petite'

    *Anubias barteri var. nana 'micro'

    *Anubias barteri var. nana 'golden'

    *Anubias barteri var. nana 'snow white'

    *Anubias afzelli






    Anubias Wishlist:

    *Anubias barteri

    *Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia

    *Anubias hastafolia

    *Anubias barteri var. nana 'stardust'

    *Anubias barteri var. nana 'marble'

  11. mermaidkitten
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    Willy Dean, going on seventeen, had a busy day. Apparently he is quite good at staying alert as you can tell by his ear being in the "I'm ready for anything" position. Too bad he can hardly hear and can no longer stay awake or more than thirty minutes at a time. He is my soul mate. And he fell asleep watching the fish tank.


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    My first blog entry! I figured I should make use of it ;D

    First off I'm gunna introduce my fishies, tank by tank (as it stands now anyway)... I will later do a weigh in and measurement entry.

    So, let's kick it of with my biggest inside tank, my 200L/52 gal.


    Filtered by one AC110, a Sunsun/Aquatop 1000 l/ph and a small UV filter that isn't running the UV most of the time.

    Barebottom (as gravel seems to cause me issues) with plastic plants. I gave up on the live plants after a mega outbreak of black brush algae, ew.

    My nitrate busting plants in the top there consist of 4 peace lilies, a lucky bamboo, and two other marginal plants that I don't know the name of.

    Now the current residents,

    Henry, the oldest of my fish. I've had her since September 2010. From the 60L tank and 6 fish days... She's a tough wee cookie and has been through all sorts.

    She's ridiculously hard to photograph, being blue she doesn't stand out from many backgrounds and she has a habit of turning away when you try to take photos. Make it a mission. :)




    Derpy face <3


    Next is Damon. He's an oranda I bred and raised myself, though he (probably actually a she) hasn't grown so well as he could have. He is from a small batch of eggs that hatched February 2012, from Sam and Dean, a pair of my older orandas.

    He's very prone to ammonia burns. Any ammonia in the tank at all and he starts going black... The black on his fins in these pics have since cleared up.





    And Minke, the biggest of my 3 ranchu. She and her sisters arrived May 2012. They're now 18 months old.




    The next smallest chu is Sei. She's cute as a button but so derpy. <3




    And last up, little Pod. Now Pod is a bit special. She has a deformed mouth, a missing pectoral, and the other pectoral is badly kinked and despite my best efforts she will not grow, even when kept in a breeder box to make sure she was getting food. But she does well enough and loves zooming across the tank as much as the others.





  12. pandamanda111
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    Hey guys! As you may know, just yesterday I bought a 45g tank for norton! I'm ordering a raingarden fish this week to be his buddy :) I'm so excited!here is a picture IMG_0396_zpsd3094ea9.jpg

    It isn't decorated yet! Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Im Not sure what kind of substrate to do!

    Thanks for looking!


  13. Weigh in

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    I finally got around to weighing my fish and these are the results! I'd like to keep track of them, particularly Otis while he's on Medicated food :)

    Otis: 33 grams (poor guy lost weight :()

    Eden: 45 grams

    Monro: 77 grams :yikes

  14. ninzah
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    Weighed the babies today and........

    Sheldon now weighs 12 grams (previous weight 4 grams - 2nd August)

    Leonard now weighs 24 grams (previous weight 12 grams - 2nd August)

    They are doing super! :D

  15. I like to organize my pictures into one timeline, so some of these pictures are already on the site (:

    Something New: My Pearlscale. It could be something fishy, but it's actually more new than the fishy thing... If that makes sense.

    I still don't have a name for her. But she is super cute, I really like her. There is a perfect name for her out there somewhere!



    When I got her, she was a little pale.



    She is super small, only like the size of a quarter. She has perked right up since being put in with my other fish in QT. Everyone is about to be treated for prazi (:

    Something Fishy: Yukis new diggs, and pictures of my new Ryukins and Oranda (though not the best pictures).


    Mushu, my little Ryukin (:


    Chocolate Ryukin, his hump isn't as well developed as Mushu, but he is pretty and big!


    Sashimi, my cute little panda oranda. She has some cool yellow coloring under that black. (:


    Yuki's new pad. It's going to get more plants soon (:

    Something Cute: Otter and Cloud! My two bottle fed boys. Cloud is an orphan I hand raised. When I got him he had a gash on his side and was only one week old. This baby is a fighter and he is now almost 8 pounds of Handsome. Otter is only about 4 weeks old and is adorable. Cloud has adopted him as his own baby, and cleans and stimulates him to go poo. They cuddle and play together :3




    My boys :3

  16. I've decided to keep a little growth and health journal on my blog here for my three aquarium goldfish, an Orange Butterfly Telescope, a normal Moor, and a Broadtail Moor. I'm also going to list details on each fish so I can reference my older posts for any information. Here we go! :)

    Their weights in August (around the time I brought home the Tele and Broadtail) were:

    Orange Butterfly Tele: 28 grams

    Regular Moor: 26 grams

    Broadtail Moor: 24 grams

    The weights are from the beginning of August and unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the weigh-in.

    Since then, I have been feeding ProGold twice a day in the morning and afternoon along Repashy once at night. Just recently, within the past week or so, I have moved to feeding ProGold just once a day in the morning along with Repashy at night. This is to help with nitrates since I have these three in my 29 gallon. I try to feed around 0.5% of their body weight in Progold and 0.75% of their body weight in Repashy each day. They also get a healthy serving of blood worms once or twice a week in place of a Progold feeding. I have been changing my water two times a week, at least 80% on Sat/Sun and at least 50% on Tues/Weds. The water parameters have stayed at zero for ammonia and nitrite for the duration of this time, and nitrate has been around 10ppm before a water change with it reaching 20ppm at least once.

    A current picture of their tank is as follows:


    Their weights today, October 3rd, were:

    Butterfly Tele: 36 grams (+8 grams)

    Regular Moor: 36 grams (+10 grams)

    Broadtail Moor: 28 grams (+4 grams)

    They are all around 2 inches in body length. Things I've noticed health-wise with these fish during this time is:

    Butterfly Tele: She eats the most food and is the most dominate at feeding time. She also tends to gulp air immediately after eating, and this behavior can last a few hours. She will do it on and off, sometimes for just a few seconds and other times a few minutes. She is also slightly wobbly at times, but has never had any serious swim bladder issues or episodes. These symptoms have been very consistent and have not worsened or improved, and there is no difference in severity associated with a certain food, or certain amount of food. This is still somewhat concerning to me, but as of now I am not feeling it has reached a point where any major action needs to be taken since she is overall very healthy and happy.

    Regular Moor: This is the one I have had for almost a year now, and she has been a great little fish. She has never displayed any swim bladder issues or other ailments, and is almost as aggressive as the Tele during feeding. She eats almost as much, and likes to try to push the other two around when she thinks they're getting too much. She will on a very rare occasion gulp air at the surface, but this is more consistent with trying to eat any leftover food film and does not seem to be swim bladder/digestion related.

    Broadtail Moor: She has grown the least out of the three and is definitely the calmest and seems the most fragile. She has a hard time finding food, and is often pushed around a little during feeding. She is also the most timid. A few weeks ago I started hand feeding her at least once a day, always for her Repashy feeding and sometimes for ProGold as well. This was due to her consistently eating around half of what the others would eat, it is more even now with the hand feeding. Recently she is showing small breeding stars on her pectoral fins, which are not noticeable unless looking very closely. They have become more prominent in the past week, but are still hard to see.

    Pictures from today's weigh-in are as follows:




    I will try to provide updates every month or so, and will chronicle any major changes in their appearance, health, and temperament.

    Thanks for reading! :)

  17. Well after a LOT of thinking and planning, I've decided not to set up the 40 gallon that I was given a few months ago :(

    I simply don't have the space. After I rearranged my office it looked so much better and I knew that if I put another tank in there it would be far too crowded. I feel ok about it though, because instead I'm completely overhauling the four tanks that I have in there already.

    I got a brand new 'retirement' tank for my frog Pudgy and gave the crab tank a great cleaning...here's the thread with photos :)

    Next on today's agenda, I'm redoing the tropical tank with new plants and Flourite substrate...should be a challenge!

  18. Hi all! With the new addition I wanted to begin tracking his growth and also update on Edie's growth which I haven't done in a few months.

    I am really happy with Edie's growth :) And I can't wait to begin fattening up my little tiny skinny guy!

    First Edie:

    Length (body only): (not much growth in body length, although I think there may be some tail growth ;) )

    2/26/12 - 3.4 inches

    9/25/12 - 3.6 inches


    2/2/12: 95 g

    2/26/12: 103 g

    4/14/12: 111 g

    6/1/12: 115 g

    9/25/12: 136 g









    And now for our unnamed guy:


    9/25/12: 3.4 inches


    9/25/12: A sad sad 65 grams :P





  19. After a lot of thought, I've decided to put my dream tank project on hold somewhat indefinitely. I am going to sell the tank I have now and get a largeish, normal one in its place. I am thinking 75 gallon, which has a very similar footprint to the current one so I know it will look great in the spot I have picked out.

    This was a really hard decision to make, as I've put a lot of time, effort, and money into this, but it's gotten to the point where it's overwhelming and no longer fun. I did know that this would be quite a process--I didn't name my blog what I did for nothing. :) And I tried my best to mitigate the demands on my time by getting as much as I could finished before I bought a house. But there were some things I did not take into account. I didn't realize just how many ongoing battles I would have to fight just to get it set up, and I didn't realize how much effort I would actually want to put into doing things to my new house, taking time away from the aquarium. Both of these are things I could have planned better for. But also I've had a lot of family obligations lately, which of course are most important, and I find that I just don't have the time or energy that I thought I would have for this project.

    In addition, because this whole project has become so overwhelming, I'm not enjoying it anymore. I really liked putting together all the DIY parts that I was going to put into the tank, but I've reached a point where I work and work and don't really see results, and it's very discouraging. I've entertained the thought of giving up on the hobby altogether at points in this process, but I know that's not actually what I want. I just want a nice big tank I can sit back and relax and enjoy, and that's nowhere in sight with this current setup, sadly.

    I didn't permanently modify any of the parts of the canisters I have already bought, so I can just reconfigure those as normal and they will be more than up to this job. And the light I already have will work great, also. So this should be a fairly easy transition. I will lose out on almost everything else I've put into this, but it's a learning experience and I have learned quite a bit! And maybe someday I will have tons of time to put into a dream tank again. :)

  20. mjbubbles
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    So the gang has been eating Repashy for about 2 weeks and I wanted to see if it's made a difference in their weight:

    Fluffy 59 grams

    Hercule Poirot 21

    Jelly Bean 9

    Emma Goldman 17

    on July 19,

    Fluffy 56 grams

    Hercule 18 grams

    Emma 14

    Jelly 9

    Fluffy has been much less floaty since we switched to Repashy. They all seem to love it and are doing well if the weight gain is any indication. Jelly Bean has not put on any weight...it's kind of strange because I think he looks bigger...time will tell, I guess.

    Today when I did the water change, I noticed some white 'grains of salt' on Fluffy and Hercule. I decided to dose with .1% salt. So I had to move the snails out to their own container. Here's a picture. They have a plant, a bubbler and a net so they won't crawl out. They look pretty happy. I've put some Repashy in there for food. They don't seem to have discovered its deliciousness yet.


    That's the news from the Bubbles house for now!

    Happy Weekend to you all!


  21. I have been brought up in believing if there is a will there is a way. Lately though it seems there is more thing in the way than my will can handle. My dad recently had to get a stent put in one of his heart valves. The doctors also told him that they will be needing to replace one of his valves very soon like in 2-3 weeks soon.

    My fiancee and I were supposed to move out this month but since my dad is having all this we are staying with him to help. The thing that I am worried about besides his health is bills. Disabilty will only cover so much and he has quite the bill load. I recently got a promotion (i guess) later on finding out it was just tempt postions and even though the job said it would pay more they manage to weasal there way out of saying the job listing didn't really say that :( So now I am doing a job that requires more but getting paid the same from my old postion. I am the only 1 in that office that is making that pay. Now with all this and my dad going to be out of work for quite some time and is going to need fiancial assitance. I make enough to pay my bills with little left over but I budget pretty well for my age (have too). I was planning to return to school this semester too, since I had to drop out since once again my parents were sick except that time it was my mom with cancer :( I have been working supportting myself since I was 13 and have never really needed my parents to buy me anything since I have always had a job and they had little money to spend on us.

    I have no problem helping my dad out in a way I find it nice I will finailly be able to repay him back for everything he has done for me. Just I am starting to feel overwelmed and getting worried since with my recent budgetting and figuring everything out I will have very little money to save. Without that I have nothing if something were to happen and I need emergency money I won't have it. I also don't want to put my student loan on defferement either but it might come down to that.

    I deffinately can't buy anymore fish stuff but my dad told if I really want that fish I am eyeballing at the pet store I can get him (only $10 bucks) just after that I am done for a while. My horse is like family since she is the last thing m grandfather left me and he was like a second dad but I am going to see if I can start cleaning stalls or something to lower board.

    I am currently trying to find a second job for the weekends or a better job since the experince I am getting with my postion will be really handy and boost my resume. I also don't want to overwork myself either, I did that for a year working 65hr weeks and that was painful. Actually that is one the reasons I got into fish was after that since it is relaxing lol. I guess I am eventually hoping things will turn around and stop going downhill in the abyss. For once I want to see my dream of owning my own Art therpy/ thereaputic riding center start moving foward and I can go back to school and finish up ( I MISS COLLEGE!!) .

    Blah sorry for the rant and complaining just a lot on my mind and I am always looking for advice or wisdom to be shared :) Thanks for listening and reading long ranting lol.

  22. This video is a sample of water out of the 20 gallon Guppy tanks filter. I had another video but it got lost in transit :(