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    • @Caretta Rose Congrats on a Win  Great Photo. What and who's is this fish?

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    • @Fish Of Gold

      I love Wishing Star's natural orange eye-shadow 



      I was Orange and white. Now I'm White and orange. 





      Great Photos guys...  
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    • Lets do anything at all... yup anything you would like to show
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    • Rain Garden 2019 Update
      2019 UPDATE

      Our goldfish business has been loosing money for a few years now.  It got so bad that we could barely break even on the utility expenses…. let alone making anything for the hours put into it. It had long since become time to hang it up, but it’s also something I very much enjoy doing so we kept at it.

      Then, in January, a big tree fell down in a wind storm.  A really big tree.  The base of the trunk is about six to eight feet in diameter (photo attached)..  What you cannot see in the photo is the fish hatchery building along with seventy-five glass tanks flattened by the impact.  Adjacent to the hatchery are a fifteen lined ponds that now lie below a ten foot deep blanket of limbs and branches.  You can't even get close enough to take a good photo of it.  Removing it all is daughtning so we’re just going to turn it all into a garden architectural feature and see how it evolves.  That part is going well so far. 

      We still have other groups of ponds and above-ground tubs.  We still have goldfish but many variety bloodlines were lost.  We could put up a new building and start again in earnest but, really, what’s the point.  So, for now at least, we’re out of business.  I will probably cobble together some hatchery stuff in spring 2020.  I always get the urge to grow fry in the spring.  However, it may only be on a hobbyist scale.

      The fact that the web site no longer works is a whole different problem.  A Chinese company is trying to steal our domain name and hacked our domain regisration account.  I am told there is an investigation underway and that it will be fixed in a matter of days. 

      To all those who has purchased fish from us in the past, we would like to express our heart-felt appreciation.  It really is a fun thing to do and you gave me an excuse to do it full time.

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    • Guidelines are recommendations by experienced goldfish keepers for those of lesser (or no) experience. They are not the only way of keeping goldfish, or even the best, but are our compromise between ideal conditions for goldfish and the space, time, and money limitations of the goldfish hobbyist. Koko’s guidelines are continually reviewed and updated as needed by the moderating team as we gain new information from research and experience.

      Your tank should be large enough to provide at least 20 gallons (76 liters) for each goldfish. This is true for both long-bodied and fancy goldfish. While baby goldfish can do well in a smaller tank short term, they grow very fast, so we recommend starting them in their grown-up tank.  If you provide less than 20 gallons per adult fish, you should increase the amount of water changed to maintain water quality.

      The ideal tank for goldfish is shallow with a large surface area. Tall tanks should be avoided if possible.  If you have a shallow tank or a tall one, use the surface area to determine stocking level -- 2 square feet of surface area per goldfish.  We recommend the 40B (40 gallon breeder) for two goldfish since it meets both criteria -- 20 gallons per fish and 2.25 square feet per fish.


      The most common filters for goldfish tanks are HOBs (hang on the back) or canisters. We recommend a HOB filter be rated by the manufacturer as turning over at least 10 times the tank volume per hour. Thus a HOB filter for a 20 gallon (76L) tank should turn over at least 200 gph (760 lph).  If one has multiple HOBs the turnover rates should add up to at least 10x the tank volume per hour.

      Canisters have more filter volume, and we recommend they turn over at least 5-7 times the tank volume per hour.

      We do not recommend internal filters for goldfish.

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