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    • I’m glad he is doing so much better! When it comes to filter maintenance I think taking a bucket of old tank water and smacking the filter floss against the side of the bucket monthly is good for cleaning out the excess mulm and junk.  Just don’t use chlorinated tap water, you don’t want to negatively impact your bacteria population I’d probably move the temperature down to 75, that’s where I hold it, but goldfish are comfortable in a variety of temps.  I wouldn’t revert to room temp just because I think that is maybe a little chilly for most fancies, they seem to thrive with it a bit warmer. Remember to do significant weekly water changes - 80-90% is great, and remember to keep buffering it if you are already.  Otherwise it sounds like you’re on the road good health    
    • Fishy is ready to go back to his aquarium home.  He is swimming more happily and eating greedily.  I have changed 80% of the water in the aquarium and emptied the water (but not the slime) from the filter.  I have thoroughly cleaned the rocks at the bottom.  I will test the water before moving fishy.  Should I maintain the aquarium at the 78 degrees of the hospital tank or let it revert to room temperature?  Is there anything else I should be mindful of when moving fishy?   Thank you for ALL of your help!  I hope that nothing untoward befalls the remaining goldfish!  
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